Cellular telephone recomendations

Hiya Everybody! I’m thinking of upgrading my phone(Xiaomi Redmi 4X), which I’ve had for ~4 years now and was wondering if yall knew any phones that’re around these specs based on my experience with my current phone:

  • ~ 4100mAh battery: Big reason I chose the phone
  • Large internal memory: 32GB has been limiting. Especially when SD card functionality has been neutered, no doubt to help sell different 16/32/64 GB models
  • IR Remote: Never knew I needed this until I had it
  • Simpler to root: Rooting the 4X is a bitch and a half, so I gave up on that
  • ~ 5" screen: I prefer smaller screen sizes
  • SD card support
  • Headphone jack
  • Android

Use-case: I don’t game or do anything intensive. Mainly I use my phone for communication(social media, email, text), transportation(uber, bus apps, google maps), banking, scheduling, and various other utility purposes

Budget: something in the $200 - $500 range

Location: USA

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Welcome to the forum!

First off, banking and rooting are at odds. It puts you at risk and the banks doesnt want you running with superuser capability.


The specs you wanted are unique to Redmi 4X and I am not even plugging the price point that you want. There is no alternative to your phone - even with the IR sensors off. Even with your screen and battery requirement off, Its all Xiaomi and Huaweis

Only with the Infrared requirement off you get something like a Samsung A52S 5G or Galaxy A12 and maybe Google Pixel 5A 5G…


Welp, shit. Guess I’ll need to make some compromises then. Thanks for the info and website link! I’ll play around on there and see what’s what. America really needs to get onboard with IR blasters in phones

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Im curious about your use case of an IR blaster. We dont seem to have any IR enabled appliance at my residence or work even. How is it exactly cool?

Well it’s certainly cool in that it allows me to control the air con(bad joke is bad). We have two remotes in the entire house for that, which means they move around a lot and one might have to search for them. Just pointing my phone at the unit is pretty nice. Along the same lines, I lost the teeny tiny remote for a Dyson fan, but I can still use it thanks to my phone.

More importantly though is its use for TVs. Each of my TVs use a different remote that only has several buttons. Using an IR app can give me more features(like dedicated number buttons), but it’s mostly nice because I don’t need multiple remotes anymore. Also in college it was handy because there was a lounge area with a TV in the building where I was staying, but you had to request the remote from another building(to stop theft I think). But with my phone we could use it whenever we wanted.

All in all it’s a way of controlling multiple devices I use daily from my phone, rather than having multiple remotes. It’s the little things in life, eh!

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I don’t understand why people have 5 remotes in their living rooms… You can program one universal “learning” remote to do just about anything. Aircond, TV, cable/sat box, computer, etc. You can even get some that connect to a PC with a cable and can be programmed to do anything you can imagine…

Agreed! Though it’s probably just not a big enough issue for most folks to invest the time into fixing(even though it takes little effort). I think the phone IR blaster is handier because I always have my phone on me(what does that say about me, lol). But yeah, if you don’t have a phone IR blaster or universal remote, you’re missing out

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It doesn’t have all the features you want but the Pixel 5a 5G is sub $500, decent storage, 4000+ mAhr battery, and a headphone jack.

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Don’t get a oneplus N10 5g I hate this thing

Eh? How come? I thought OnePlus is a darling?

Its not ipx or ipk rated, not even TE rated. If it falls on its face the screen cracks, the headphone dac is shit, and the volume buttons die, tho arguably the volume buttons of a phone are my mainly used buttons.

Oh its also not water proof, not even resistant. It has one rubber seal in the C port, thats it.

However if u can find a moto z3 and you can root it, its a beautiful lineage OS phone. No headphone jack but good phone. Good headphone jack phones, look towards the LG V20. Bust amp in a phone yet, and it has a tool screen. Probs getting a rooted one to hold me over till the portless iphone or if the pinephone gets an upgrade (if I want a two gig of ram phone with a shitty nxp chip I have n optimus g and a S4 to play with LEL).

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I was looking at the LG V20 back then but i got a OnePlus 5. In retrospect, i should have gotten the V20 because i love my music.

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I haven’t been exited at phone for a while now (not counting fxtec that i dropped after months of delay)
What I wanted was also big battery’s, headphones jack and sd card.
In the end, i bought a new but not recent samsung note 9

My battery look wonky, maybe because tasker and youtube drain it all, maybe because it was stored for a long time before i bough it…
That aside, it’s full of sensor, and there is some rom to update it to newer version of android.

Just make sure you get the right version for the rom (qualcom vs Samsung chips)

I bough mine, coper because i use a case anyway, for 441,00 GBP in june 2020

Sadly, big screen and no ir, but the later can be work around with jack ir blaster if my memory is anything good?

(Also I am slowly replacing it with a Nokia 2720 flip, those thing are good enough, and so easy to mod/tweak/hack)

If you have access to a fairphone, it should be good. Its like the equivalent to a framework laptop without being actually modular.

They are still around. Tmobile TITAN and MELOT phones are all over, though I’d avoid MELOT as it has a diff chip.

I think it was that name?

They have and 11 and someone is working on a kernel respec for mobile linux. #WURF

The Samsung 9-10 series were the best imo

What about the Unihertz Titan Pocket? Its smaller with a physical keyboard and IR. I’ve been using the regular titan for the past year and a half.

@JediAcolyte Certainly a contender. The 5g is nice future proofing. That said, the screen is a bit big(5" was more than enough), and the random camera dot triggers my inner OCD. Hopefully under-display cameras become more of a thing. Lord knows why everyone wants comically large phones these days

@vlycop Interesting, I’ll look into the IR thing. Didn’t know you could get attachable ones

@Jayehuu Hot damn, 4000mAh battery, 128GB memory, IR, small screen, SD card support, Android, and a headphone jack! Thanks for letting me know about it. How’s the quality of your regular titan been. The kickstarter funding part gives off an amateur impression, but maybe that’s unfounded

There’s these broadlink IR blasters …
… would that work instead of whatever’s built into a phone?

Eh. They tend to be hit or miss with support, and then it’s also another thing to carry around(no matter how small).

The titan pocket looks really interesting(along with a few others mentioned) so I’ll be researching more into that for sure. The 3.1" is a bit small, and it would mean carrying a separate wallet, as right now I have a wallet-phone case combo, but otherwise pretty cool.

Sorry if I seem picky or anything folks, haha. I will definitely be writing down and researching some of these suggestions. I am well aware that compromises have to be made since my dream phone doesn’t exist, and I can live with that. Heck, in the end I might have to buy one of the big 6.5" phones since 5" appears to have gone out of fashion.

The main push was AT&T possibly not supporting my phone when they switch from 3g to VoLTE, as they were doing some whitelist for it at some point. Wort case scenario, providing they stop(or have stopped) that bullshit I can always keep my current phone a little longer anyway