Cellular telephone recomendations

I haven’t had any issues. I probably have dropped it 3-4 times (no case) and I don’t think I can see any damage. I can’t see well, so having a physical keyboard is ideal as I can touch type. A bonus is the keyboard can act as trackpad for scrolling and the keys can be used as shortcuts. I don’t think it is quite as refined as a blackberry, but I don’t miss anything. I have a Priv and a Passport sitting here unused. I never had a flagship phone, but I have used the following One Plust 5T, Priv, Passport, Nokia 1520, John’s Phone (this one is hilarious), etc…

I contacted support only once in the past 15 months. If I recall, I was trying to find out when the android update would be available. They responded to me within a couple of days.

I agree with the amateur marketing. I think it is down to a cultural/language difference and they aren’t bothering to improve multilingual readability. I was unsure at first as well, but MrMobile / Michael Fisher is a credible reviewer in my experience as I’ve always had niche devices and appreciated his opinion.

That being said, I am not looking for a powerhouse device. Yes the screen is “only” 3.1 inches, but it is a square screen so it isn’t too bad. I only want a cell phone for email / text / call / transit times / basic search / maps / spotify remote / camera (only when necessary) / FB messenger (family demands). I prefer a tablet for media; a camera for photos; a pc for games; etc. I either use the square home launcher to mimic windows phone’s large tiles or I will use something like indestractable/minimalist launchers.

Anyways, if you want to know something specific about my experience, let me know!