CBC Story Wherein Apple Lies about Data Recovery, and Bans Anyone Who Disagrees

So, it would seem Apple is getting caught red handed once again, lying through their teeth about the possibility of repairing devices.

A couple dropped their Iphone in the water during a canoe outing, Apple told them it was impossible to recover any data that wasn’t backed up, and that the data is 100% gone.

A small time repair shop run by a woman named Jessa Jones disagreed, and was able to successfully recover their pictures from a dream vacation. Thousands of photos, successfully recovered.

Recently, Jessa Jones has had multiple posts of hers removed from the Apple Community Support website as being “inappropriate”, and recently, Apple decided to ban her entirely.

CBC Themselves tried to get answers from the Apple Community Support forums on whether or not a recovery could be made, and was told that it was impossible, they got the same response from the Apple Official Support website as well.

When they finally contacted Apple to get an explanation as to why Apple was giving people blatantly and verifiably false information, they failed to respond.

How there isn’t a class action over shit like this is beyond me. This is a wonderful example of blatantly deceptive business practices.

The repair shop in question estimates that about 95% of the water damaged devices they receive are easily recoverable. Furthermore they are so confident in this belief that they only charge you the $300 fee, if they actually succeed.


Louis Rossman is being proven right time and time again.


Would you agree that this is both deceptive and anti-competitive behavior?

I’m still waiting for some lawyer to sniff around and realize there is a potentially record breaking class action lawsuit here.

Of course I do but you are going against a trillion dollar company who can buy more legislators in a day than other companies have bought in their entire lifetimes. Catch them one way in one way state with one law… they’ll get the law rewritten. They will do it on the federal level too… they are too big to fail.

I just don’t understand why Apple keep saying they cannot. It’s not like by accepting and doing the recovery that they would lose potential clients, especially in the case of somebody who dropped their phone in water and probably will replace it.

It’s because they make less money on repairs.

They don’t want you to pay for a repair for some parts, that’s not “cost effective”. As someone who works in bulk Laptop repair, I can tell you that all the OEM’s are pushing for disposable systems in favor of systems that are easy to repair.

Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, all of them. They hate honoring the warranty and even then they are having trouble keeping pace with supplying parts.


its more like a problem with people knowing that there phones can be cloned fairly easily which apple does not want to happen. if you can recover things from a water damaged phone then how easy is it go get things off a non damaged phone.

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Just a little update. Probably not that big of news, Apple continues doing what it has always done.


GASP the next 20 times might teach them a lesson


The thing I don’t get is they could potentially still charge for the process.

Recover the photos, spin up a new phone, register it like the old one drop the photos on and charge hem for a new phone.

Most people at that point are just happy to have their photos back and will eat the loss of a phone which are being seen as disposable more and more now.

The margins for Apple are just to slim at that point. On Hardware and Services they make over 50% in margin.
A Recovery can take minutes, hours or days. Even at an expensive pricepoint, you are not making even close to the margin you’d make on a new iPhone.
Plus you have to hire, train and pay Technicians that can do the recovery. Those aren’t low paid jobs either. Add the potential hassle of dealing with people who have lost their entire Photo library after you telling them there is a possibility they could get it back.

I can see why Apple doesn’t want to get into the data recovery business.
I’m not sure what exactly they are telling their customers. If they are saying “Sorry, but WE can not recover the data”, this might acutally be true. If they say “The data is not recoverable” though, that’s a different thing…

It’s always interesting to see Apple play the morality police, and then turn around and do stuff like this.

And of course their fans fully support them.

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Then charge 750, hell it is Apple-sheep! Charge them 1300 for the recovery and an additional 1200 for a new phone! Make 300% margin on everything!

They state the second one, wich is a lie. As long as all the legs are still on the flash chips, recovery is rather simple, then you need to scrape the decryption keys off the other chips because Apple…


Thats exactly what Apple is saying, they are saying if you haven’t backed up in iTunes or what ever the data CANNOT be saved. It is gone forever.

Deceptive maybe, anti-competitive no.

How did they recover the photos?

By doing exactly what Apple doesn’t want people to do. Put the phone motherboard into a donor phone, replace two bad chips, and bam. They could get into it to recover all the data.

Always two sides to every story. I’d side with apple on this depending on the situation. Basically no company would normally suggest the data was recoverable in this scenario to your average consumer. Apple doesn’t do it and basically no one else does that kind of service except specialist data recovery people. I wouldn’t expect apples community forum to have many people who even know about data recovery via this method or apples customer support (or any other company for that matter) it’s just almost always never done.

There also doing themselves a disservice for only charging $300, they should charge more, not many people can do that work successfully.

I’m tellin yall, powerpc macs man.

But the point is that it CAN be done. To tell a consumer that it simply CAN’T be done when clearly it can is wrong. And Apple go after these people for the DUMBEST SHIT. They find genuine Apple parts from the FACTORY itself, and try to use those. Apple makes a shady deal with Customs, stopping such stuff and claiming it’s fraudulent. And doubling down on that claim even when the 3rd party people who can do this work have documentation that they bought the stuff from the factory itself. Apple still will have the inventory at customs destroyed.

Apple when those techs will post in their forums that the data can be retrieved, and they know how to do it, will delete those posts and still claim the data is unrecoverable.

I"m sorry, but what second side is there. Apple is currently fighting with 3rd party techs in the courts to block 3rd party techs from legally working on apple products. Literally trying to tell the courts that if Apple can’t do it, NOBODY CAN.

It’s ridiculous. You don’t see ANY other company fighting 3rd party techs as hard as Apple is to protect their bottom line.

And all these people want, is to be able to recover precious data from their phones.

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This is a different issue, but this isn’t always the case. From China and elsewhere what tends to happen is these parts are bought from criminal organisations who have setups to acquire these parts illegally from those countries. Apple is perfectly within their duty to look at stopping this practice.

That’s not an argument for them not providing parts. But the parts people get today have a high likely hood of being acquired through illegal means.