Can't get any network working

I was having slow internet issues with my average connection being only 2mbps , I found out that when I connect the computer directly to the modem rather than my wireless router it works totally fine.

The router was a tl-wr740n. I assumed the router was just broken so I switched it to a wrt54g which worked fine for about 2 days.

Then all the wireless devices stopped getting internet access but could still connect to the network. One wireless windows machine claimed there was an ip being shared and couldn't connect to the internet or the firmware to the router. When I entered on a wireless pc it would actually connect to the supermicro motherboard on my desktop instead of the router. The wired machine were the only thing that could connect to the firmware in the wrt54g.

While trying to fix the issue , doing all sorts of releases and renews , all of the wired machines disconnected from the internet as well.

I now just have one computer plugged into the modem. Is there anything I can do to get some sort of network working?

Are there any other DHCP servers on the network or any devices with a fixed IP address?

It sounds like something on the supermicro box may be fixed to, so all traffic is trying to go there instead of your router.

An easy way to tell is to reprogram the WRT54g to use another IP scheme (like If you need help with any of this, let me know and we can connect via chat/phone/im.

yeah that may help as I am a total network noob , despite having them for almost 10 years I never really know how it works I just plug stuff in and hope it sets itself up.

you know any other help anyone might have would be great as I can't leave this house with no network setup in it.

Connect the router directly to a pc on port 1-4 (don't use wan port), don't connect it to the modem. Do a factory reset on the router (usually hold the reset button down for a few seconds until all the ligts go blinky blinky. A simple power cycle here will not work, you want to reset it to default factory settings. Then from the PC connected to the router open a browser and go to and login with the routers default username and password. At this point to get around any ip conflicts I'd change the settings on the router to a different ip range. try using for the router and for the subnet. This will assign ips starting with and up. Setup your Wireless SSID and password/security at this time, and any other settings that need to be done. Then reconnect the modem to the wan port and test.
If that doesnt seem to be working for you look into DD-WRT or Open-WRT software which you can flash onto your router replacing the factory software. For me this fixed major issue I was having with a netgear router, than now with DD-WRT it works flawlessly.

ok where in the firmware do I enter that

ok i found where to enter it , but as soon as I hit apply , i lost connection to the router and can't connect to it anymore

Yes because you changed it's ip. Type into the browser and refresh.

Use this for reference if you need specifics on where to find certain settings.

thats what I'm trying but it doesn't connect to anything just times out

Do you have the ability to use Google hangouts, or skype or any type of chat?
I'm perfectly glad to help you out, but that would make it easier.

also you can open a CMD as admin and do ipconfig /release and then ipcongifg /renew. Once you PC grabs an ip address try going to the router again.

I was able to reconnect to the router using

However when I try to share the computers internet connection to the router it makes the second network port loose internet acess

I'm not sure what you mean by share the PCs internet connection. Once the router is configured you just need to reconnect the modem to the routers WAN port, and then connect any wireless devices or plug in any wired devices to ports 1-4 and they should all get internet and network connectivity.

The desktop has more than one networking port so I'm running the modem straight into the pc becuase the router is only about half the speed of the connection.

When I run the internet into the router I can only get about 20mbps but with a direct connection it gets 60. I have the router connected to the other network port on the computer so I can just share the connection

Ahhh. Ok that's a bit more complicated. You need to bridge the two NICs in windows. Then you should be able to do that. I'd Google search for how to bridge two NICs and setup connection sharing. I could do it sitting there but can't remember every detail off the top of my head. Also its slower because your router is only 10/100 ports not 10/100/1000 like most routers more recently.
I hope I was able to help at least a little.

I'd also invest in a new router when you can. 54g was a great price of gear 6years ago but not so much anymore.

I have a newer router but it was extremely slow and was only giving me like 2mbps

On the wireless connections? Also always do a power cycle (reboot) of the modem after changing stuff. Consider what device is connecting wirelessly and what band it connects on (802.11 a, b, g, n, a/C etc) how far away is the device and what is the signal quality like. If you have an Android smart phone get WiFi Analyzer app and use that to test signal strength. Also you want either a clear channel for the wireless (no other wireless broadcasts on same channel or on adjacent channels) or if you are in a crowded wireless area (aka apartments) then you want to be on the same channel as everything else. If there are too many signals all adjacent to each other it can cause interference and drop outs.

No i was getting 2mbps on every device even wired machines