Can we get a modernized version of windows XP already?!

What it says on the tin.

You want the innards as well or just the UI? If its the UI design…

it’s still spyware. I don’t support Malware OS. I want to literally get that leaked source code, get a bunch of wierdos like me in a room, a case of mountain dew, and a bunch of laptops and we code our asses off to do a modernized backport of the entire OS, and screw Microsoft. Post that shit on github. Remember when information was free? Well it should be anyways.


All of its software has telemetry now, even Minecraft.

On the flip side, Russia still uses WinXP :rofl:

On the penguin side, I thought Cinnamon/Mint was supposed to address your nostalgia? Or if you desire much older UI (Win95/98) but also (attempting) binary compatibility, ReactOS?


yeah Cinnamon is cool and all, but I want zero problems with games, and especially older ones, sadly as far as it’s come in recent years, Linux still isn’t 100%. Plus, this way we can stick it to the man. Imagine if Windows was open source, everything was paid for via bitcoin style transactions, and fundamentally secure, and able to get regular patches and support. Who would use anything else? Whenever someone takes security and freedom on the net, it gets crushed. So we should do a system reset.

isn’t there an open source version of XP being worked on? Haven’'t heard about that in a hot minute

It could just be an xp wallpaper and a skin for gnome or KDE to make it look like xp to troll people. Also, if I recall they[Russian gov] had access to the source code of Windows XP decades ago.

Now that Windows XP source is leaked wide open maybe we all should switch to it and make our own service packs lol. We still use XP at work for some of our computers due old software that is no longer maintained. Some of our equipment runs windows 3.1 and has a floppy drive to save data off of it.

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IIRC it is ReactOS but it targets 95/98 i stead of XP

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grab it and lets freaking GO! my idea of a more modern XP is just the first step.

security through obsolescence! :rofl:


You really think MS wont sue it into oblivion? Even if they dont really care, they are forced to that for certain copyright reasons. Something something copyright laws require a continuous vigilant defense of the copyright.

They can’t sue us all :stuck_out_tongue: We pitch in and buy our own private island and operate outside US courts.

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You’re thinking of trademarks.

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But it will sue the most important people, the devs. No devs, no undeadXP for us.

True but if the executives ever see the lawyers just twiddle their thumbs idly while this happens on the clock on payroll, you think they wont get the whip?

Also when did the non-factual truth ever stopped corps as big as MS from doing what it wants?

I remember the 4 chan leak. I’m kicking myself for not burning a hard copy as soon as I saw it up.
Anyways what do you guys think of using a constantly randomizing P2P network for connectivity between these XP 2.0 PCs? would that aid in network security or be a disaster? What I’d like to see is a hardened PC OS without too much sacrificed in daily use. Like no damn pop ups! But still being hardened, specifically against corporate advertisements and telemetry. I want active ANTI-telemetry hardcoded into the OS.

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You would probably be better of just using modern Linux. Connecting Windows XP to the network of any kind can be a disaster from the security point of view.

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no no, this is my fantasy ‘secured’ XP. For the sake of discussion here, assume all major bugs fixed, little to no security issues, and modern functionality. (unrealistic, I know, but bear with me.)

I don’t care. FUCK YOUR LAWS. I’ve got no money anyways.

Isn’t that just a windows 7 before they ported telemetry crap from windows 10 ?