Bullshit I want to buy

This is shit I want. Why have it here? For as long as I will be doing "Why in the World" threads and doing my little experiments.

Don't bother saying "Don't buy that ur dum" because I do not care.




4 X http://www.memory4less.com/western-digital-hard-drive-wd1000dhtz-04n21v0?rid=90&origin=pla&gclid=CjwKEAjwmf6-BRDi9fSN7Ijt1wUSJAASawcj1JRci825QB1SbCd7ybvTBL1-jxsG50d0ZUAc8XAvdRoCuhTw_wcB

I want SCSI drives but theres no google search that comes back


^^^^^^^^^ That card but this one

because it overclocks SOOOOO WELLLLLLLL and I have one that I need repaired. This is one of my fave GPU's for pentium 4 machines. Low power consumption, great visuals.

I want two or three of these. 2 for development purposes, one for personal use.

My G4 is dying. I can get a new board for it, or I can get another one that works that has better specs.

I find these cool

I will actually be getting one of these soon for free kek




https://codekeyboards.com dvorak MX clear

Look at that board do you NOT want it?


One of these red ones from @kewldude007 is potentially mine.

More Later


TDK-Lambda GEN-60-55-1P230
Marantz HD-AMP1
Diablo III: El'Druin, The Sword of Justice
Matrox C900
Funky Pop! VInyl Sylvanas
Troteclaser Speedy 300

PS: Why didn´t I come up with this?!

Meh, just buy a good amp and an external DAC. I am running the PM8005 with a Musical Fidelity V-DACII. Will last a lifetime.

On topic:

Fuji GFX50S

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That would be soooo awesome if I could ever afford it.

On a more realistic note, here's what I'm saving up for now:

Lol I'm looking at a 7D :P


you know you want to buy this

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Well yes
I want all of that, yes.
@kewldude007 also what is that dell under there?

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some random thing my grandpa gave me with a pentium d

has xp installed

Its BTX I automatically want it. lol

ummm, sure?

Yeah, BTX, better cooling. If its Socket 775 pentium D's I can put a big ass xeon

look about right

I'd say so

dimension e510

Yeah I can put a xeon in that and have WAY better cooling.

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price is free.99 if you catch muh drift, I dont need it and it takes up space under my desk

but I'm going to sleep now, bye

Damn, I recently got rid of my old PNY 8800GT G92 with the exact same fan shroud of the 9800 model you're looking for, w/box & unnopened cable packs. They're basically the same thing, got her back in 07' when they were the shit, she's still cranking some CS:Go at decent framerates on my cousins' old core 2 shmuo compaq.

I'm not after the looks though I'm after 9800's that have 1 GB vram :P

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What that?

Its an HP 9000 PA-RISC board. They are basically supercomputer modules but there were ATX ones too.

Mostly I just want the coolers.

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