Building my FIRST PC

~ A Bit of Back Story ~

I have been using a MacBook Mid 2010 for a year or two now and it's really not keeping up with new games. I decided I need a new one.

~ Back Story Over ~

I have the parts in a list now but I need you guys help in which gpu to get, my budget is £600 and I really need help choosing a gpu. Preferably Nvidia, but here's my specs so far;


Motherboard -




Case -

Mouse -

Yeah well if you guys could help with getting me a GPU, I have so far added up how much each component will be but I have not added postage. I have also added up that it will cost £444.25 no postage so yeah, thanks guys :)

Well since you prefer Nvidia, I would recommend this, , but if this was my build, I would grab this instead,

i probably should also mention I need to get a second hdd to record to, but which one of those is better for gaming, recording, rendering, editing, streaming etc?

If you are going to use Adobe for rendering, Nvidia is the way to go, but if you are going to use Sony Vegas, either is fine. As for gaming, here are some benchmarks

I'll probably use Sony Vegas but I'm more of a performance person than a quality person. I'm used to games that look bad because of how long I've had my Mac for and it's Nvidia 320M Graphics Card. Would you recommend the GTX 660 or the Radeon 7870 for recording and gaming and rendering?

I would recommend the 7870, for gaming and for Sony Vegas, also you can overclock a ton out of the Radeon 7870, and get some insane results.

Is that the best version of the 7870?

The best for overclock and cooling is probably the HIS IceQ Turbo, which'll cost you a little bit more,

is good enough to record games though? Like maybe Skyrim, Battlefield 3, DayZ and stuff like that?

Yes, the only difference would be the one you linked, will run a few degrees hotter, which isn't a big deal at all, so you'll be fine running and recording those games at decent frame rates.

I don't suppose there are cards cheaper, but nearly/just as good because I need to think about postage and getting a second hdd...

I'll look around for some.

Thanks :)

This is the only one I could find that's cheaper, which it's only about £3 less, 

Fixed link

Are there any cheaper than the Club 3D one? Thanks for looking and helping btw :)

Oh, damn I thought that one was cheaper xD. Sad to say but I couldn't find any, another viable option could be to get a 7850, and overclock (Which wont harm the card, and it isn't a difficult process) and you can get the performance of a 7870 out of it, here's a link to one

How hard/easy is it to overclock it? Could you possibly show me a video? Thanks :)

Sorry for not replying right away, had things to do, but here is a video on overclocking your Graphics Card

Thanks! :) Also should I buy graphic cards from websites without paypal? or should I just stick to and amazon and stuff like that? Also thanks for the help you've given me :)