Building a overclocking system

i am building a new system very soon for overclocking i was wondering what you guys think of my specs so far and what i should change

cooler master cosmos s
g. skill ripjaws 4gb dd3 1600 9-9-9-24 1.5v
g. skill memory fan
coolit system domino liquid cooling
asus p55 maximus III formula
intel core i7 860 2.8 ghz
xfx ati 5870 or wait for the 300 (i have a 9800 gtx in my old system that i could use)
ultra x3 1000w
2x wd raptor 300 gb 10000 rpm

trying to keep the price under $1500


Get the Ultra x4, other than that it looks pretty nice. I have heard great things about that Domino liquid cooler, other than the fact that the original ones had weak connector thingys, I guess they fixed it though.

Looks really good. Wheter or not you want to wait for GT300 is up to you. :]
If it were up to me, I would have waited.

Me too, deffinitely time to wait.

dose anyone even knows when the gt 300 is coming out because nvidia usually takes a long time for their things to come out

the ultra x4 dose look nice but im never going to use up that much power and i dont have a see through case so looks isnt so important at this point

Yeah just get the 800 watt, that will be just enough for good upgradeability. The G300 should be out around December, Maybe late November, It is even possible that it could be January.

Yeah gt300's are still a mystery but i would highly recommend you wait for them to release their cards. the 9800gtx is good enough for now anyway. When the 300's come out prices will go down, too.

I think the 920, and the i5 750 oc a bit better than the 860. If you want maybe drop the raptors and go X58

the x58 is a good chipset but that means that i would have to put more money on my memory and the cpu as well because the p55 dose not support the 920 socket 1366 and the i5 is little low end for me. as for the hd i need a good, fast, reliable, and a lot of room for the things i do. the raptors x 120 gb that i have use in the past i never had any problem with it.

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proof or gtfo, sorry 35, last I checked 35 percent wasn't a monopoly. Why don't you take your fanboy trolling posts and run back to TomsHardware. at the bottom of the page, q2 2009, an insanely monopolistic 36.5% market share, fuck me thats like intels 80%

Thanks man!

All right all you ATi and Nvidia fanboys. In terms of grahpics (GPU/IGP) , both nvidia and ATi don't own shit. Nvidia has 24.9%, while ATi has 19.8%, thats pretty close considering Intel owns 52.7% mainly from their crappy GMA IGP's.

the percentages people have been posting would be the discrete gpu market share. they usually dont include integrated gpu numbers in these comparisons.

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