Building a headphone stand

Welcome to Mazeframe attempts a headphone stand!
Warning before the thread really starts: I did not pay attention to my surroundings and left an old newspaper on the workbench… In order to not enable every stalker to follow me arround, I half-ass blurred some parts of the following images.

The materials:
600x200x18 mm wood, 6mm brass tube, spray paint, 3.5mm steel piece (ask nicely and you get things for free) ,left over ikea felt thingys. Total price: 11.49€

Wood base cut to shape:

Next to the steel piece:

Glue applied, waiting for it to dry so I can press the pieces together so they mate for eternity!

Change of plan: I am not going to file a wooden block to shape, I am going to build a resting place.

Watching glue dry: The return

Needs some file and sandpaper:

Boss checking by:

Headphone resting piece ready to be glued:

And watching glue dry the third:

As a sorry for the blurr, have a evening sun shot of a test piece I painted:


Part 2

Removed the clamps. It is one piece.
More importantly, these 4 pieces will become one!

Test assemply (yes, that is carbon fibre in the background):

All fits! Just as if I had measured twice (or three times or more). Time to take it apart and say good bye to naked wood.

The black just looks more sexy:

Paint coat 1 is on:

Tomorrow, I will give it another coat and touch up the few corners that did not get the full love.

If all goes well, the next picture is the finished project.
If not, there will be a part 3…


Funny timing, I just ordered a headphone stand/hanger yesterday.


Using the “You can’t have too many clamps method”.

I approve.


5 days

Had to keep all the things in place and it is one shot or start over.
Clamp all the things!

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Clamp Champ!

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You mean you stained it right? Or am I missing something? :thinking:

Looks great irregardless.

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Got a spray can with satin black paint. And the result I got is what you see.
Edit: Or is there something getting lost in translation?

Given the camera settings and light, it does not look as dark as it looks in person. It really is a nice dark matt black.
Will take some more pictures tomorrow (when it is done, hopefully).

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It does kinda look like it was stained, because you can still see the wood grain and such.

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Yeah, I guess it must have been a very light appliance of paint then, usually you’d go a bit thicker. But I guess this is just the first layer? Also, no primer?

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I miss woodworking. Shop class was so fun.

Nowadays it’s more like

step 1: draw headphone stand

step 2: print


Part 2 is here!

Future note for random lego projects

You can paint with watercolors and it does come in black
and with wiping tactic you can cheat it a bit to look like legit stain

But for this kind of project I guess you want to coat it a bit so it wont literally stain, or…
do rounds with strings and ropes and cordy stuffs like that, it looks nice

Stain would show the wood grain, wich would not match the other wood in my room. So I went with black paint to show the grain a little while blending in.

I hope it turns out okay-ish.

I’m having difficulties getting these spray like paints to look great, but for example I dont like lines what brushes leave, and not many seem to care even about that

After fixing silly stroke lines I have developed wiping tactics :smiley:

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It is done!
Pieces got a second coating and are now ready for assembly:


Now the all important question: Does it stand up to headphones?

Yes! Yes it does!
Project completed.

Material and sizes

2x brass tube, 6mm outer diameter
150x150x20mm wood for the base
90x60x20mm for the top
7x 60x10x3mm wood strips
120x60x5mm for the top bits

150mm diameter x3.5mm steel plate (may work without it)

Felt to prevent scratching up the headphones or table.


How’s the balance?

Nice job BTW.

I need a headphone rack that holds like… 6 headphones. Maybe a shelf with hangars below the shelf?

I think the better part of a kilo piece of steel speaks for itself.