Post your battle stations!

Fret not, brethren, for when I am fallen, I art quickith to rise :sunglasses::crossed_swords::dagger::shield:

I feel like it’s the last great offering from Apple until they get out of this “everything’s a tablet” funk.

Execs don’t have a clue about what people want. Or, just as likely, maybe I’m out of the loop and stuck in old ways



Did you make that headphone hanger yourself? Also are those extra Cherry MX switches bellow the Samsung monitor?

Yes. Both of them. One’s just plain wood screwed into the cupboard. The other one’s wood with some felt glued on and HDD mounted with HDD magnets on both the edge of the desk and the headphone hanger.

Yes, it’s a Key Switch Tester for Cherry MX Red, Black, Brown and Blue. Wasn’t sure if I liked MX Brown switches so I bought the tester before buying the keyboard. I was also curious how MX Blue feel and sound like irl.


Cool, I’t nice when instead of buying people try to DYI stuff to solve things. I was lazy and solved my headphone hanging problem with IKEA toilet paper holder, which is attached under my desk. :smiley:

I’ve been using MX Brown switches since 2013. Last week I ordered new keyboard with Blue switches but I has not arrived yet.


@MazeFrame made one too, with a build log.



no mistakes, just happy accidents.

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Not at all how I wanted it to be. The top half of the mount broke, so I had to improvise…


Just moved my entire home office setup to another part of the apartment and added two monitors. Still need to fine tune some monitor placement, but I’m pleased with the result so far.

A GTX 1070 is powering the four monitors with wallpapers, while an old GTX 760 in hardware pass-trough to an Win10 VM is powering the other two. Manjaro is the host OS.


only thing that gets me is the double mouse if you need something like that i would recommend elecoms mice due having dual pc use with a wireless dongle and wired at the same time if wanted

Picked up a new used desk from the local thrift shop for $30. The top on my old one was warping. Desk is made in 1963 and weighs a ton. Now I need more acoustic foam to account for the wider desk. Cable management is not finished.


MIne’s in a state of emergency atm. I’ll post the update when I’m done cleaning it.


Okay I will see if I can dig up more pics for this so expect edits but…

Bed, Battle and Beyond at the moment is the setup.

Intel Nuc 6i7kyk:
I7 6700HQ,
8gb 2400mhz ram (I eventually want to fill the second slot and get matched sticks of 3200 and 16gb worth),
Samsung 970 EVO 500gb NVMe (again there is a second slot that I want to put a big storage stick in eventually)

12"? I think not too sure any more, rehoused tablet screen with USB C for power (only power I think), 2x HDMI and a mini VGA. It can support sound and has speaker grills but there is no sound, I have not tried plugging headphones into the port on the side as I just use the NUCs ports or my interface if that’s plugged in. It also has a clear window for a camera but this does not have one. All from Chinese eBay (aliexpress). It is actually really nice as a tablet monitor.

Anne Pro V1 Bluetooth/USB 60% mechanical RGB keyboard. Refitted with V1 Zeal PC Zilent tactile internally silenced switches and two tone white on black double shot PBT caps, though it came with nice shine through black PBT caps that has the second functions of which there are many printed on them.

Logitech MX Master 2S wireless (Bluetooth or dongle based depending on what you prefer or if you are using “Flow”) also USB. Has 7 buttons all in, Rc Lc, Mc, Mode Switch behind the wheel (normally manually toggles between standard ratchet scroll wheel and free spinning hyper scrolling), Back and Forward switches on the side and one more “Gesture” button on the flat part at the bottom where you rest you thumb. There is also a horizontal thumb scroll wheel on the side by the side buttons. All but the Rc and Lc buttons can be reassigned to an impressive number of functions. It does use its own software, though for basic functionality it is not needed but it does greatly enhance the capabilities of the mouse. It can be connected to 3 PCs at once and switch between them or using the mentioned “Flow” feature treat the 3 PCs like a multi monitor setup and control all three from one mouse and just move from the edge of the screen to the next PC, I have yet to try it but I am interested.

Steam Controller, I love this thing so much.

AKG K553 Pro headphones, in need of new pads and they are painfully hard to find. Looking at Alpha pads…

Not pictured: Focusrite Scarlet Solo Gen2 interface.

All stickerbombed to buggery.

In its packed form ready to travel:


Here’s mine:

I bought adjustable sit/stand desk in august, and since then been standing when ever I’m at my computer (literally all my free time atm). So the chair now has the same purpose as my dining table in kitchen: collecting all sort of junk on to it. :smile:


I’m jealous of your lamp

Also what pc case is that?


Lamp is from Ikea, it’s called Tertial. Here’s the link:

Sorry for the Finnish link, site keeps on redirecting me to the FI site. Should probably clear the cookies or something.

Manufactured by evil Even747 corporation. :slight_smile:
I’ve used only aluminium as my main material this far.

Here’s small imgur album if you are interested. Keep in mind pictures are not in the best chronological order, so I’m not sure how much sense the pictures make without some explanation. :smile:

And I’m already planning to ditch the the water cooling and convert this to accommodate tower cooler for the CPU. PMs are welcome if someone wants to hear more.

I’m planning to make separate thread for this, but since I’m not sure when I’m able to finish this case, I don’t think if its cool to make the thread if I can’t update it for the next 6-12 months.


Ayyyyyyyyy, steam controllers FTW. Steam Controllers are seriously the best controllers to ever exist. If consoles used controllers similar to it I’d buy them more often.

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You made your own case? That’s badass my friend! Awesome work. Can’t wait for the thread.