Build Help?

So im building a pc for Gaming and Video Editing. Just about equal parts of both. i don't want to blow myself out of the water in price but i think what i have picked out now should suffice. Right?  any help would be great.

Evga Gtx 780 3gb 384 bit

Intel i7 4770k

Asus Maximus VI Hero

Rosewill blackhawk ultra

Corsair h105 or h100i

Adata xpg v2 16gb ram

Western Digital Black edition 1TB

Corsair CSM 750 Watt  80plus Gold modular

and also should i go with windows 8 or windows 7? that question has been bugging me for a while.

Thanks a bunch :)

Isnt that case the ultimate aircooling case?  You can get a high end aircooler for you cpu for  alittle less than the AIO. Notua D-14 is nice or a 140mm phanteks. It really doesnt matter but more than likely are going to have to spend more money to quiet the fans down on those H100i H105.

Do you mean the Maximus VI Hero? There isn't a Maximus IV Hero... I'm assuming that is what you mean.

I think the hardware looks pretty good. I don't know what kind of plans you have for the future, but if you're not planning on adding another graphics card, you could drop down to a 500-550 watt power supply and save a few dollars there.

Are you looking at two or four sticks of RAM? If you get into serious editing, you might want two sticks so that you have the option to add two more and get to 32 GB of RAM.

Personally, I won't build another computer that doesn't have an SSD. Having your OS and critical programs on there is soooooo much nicer than a traditional HDD. Maybe you can find some wiggle room and get one. Almost any SSD that has good reviews on the retailer websites will be a good choice. I like the Samsung 840 Pro and 840 Evo, but there are a lot of good options out there.

It is a very personal decision, but I would advise against the case. A full tower case is always going to be ungainly, and very rarely will a person fill it up, especially without watercooling. I got one, and I regretted it. There are plenty of mid-tower cases that will house lots of hard drives, two or three graphics cards, and a watercooling loop. Plus, you can save some money in that area. Like I said though, the case is a very personal decision because it is the most prominent expression to the outside world.

That's all I've got!

would the noctua handle me overclocking the cpu though? 4.4-4.6 ghz?

and thanks for the suggestion


your right about the motherboard... i feeel stupid... but the ssd is that worth it? a couple of my friends have the samsung 840 evo and the pny xlr8 and they say that there isnt a huge difference. thanks a bunch

No big difference? Perhaps they've been on the SSD wagon for a long time.

Honestly speaking,i just switched over from HDD to SSD for my OS.Extremely quick performance.And that's coming from a layman. I'm sure the experts here will point out more technical points.


And oh,as for the OS. Win 7. Win 8 feels disruptive.

Alrighty thanks a bunch :) ill probably go ssd i was hesitant because of the additional price but if its that worth it then why not.

I'm glad you have decided to go with the SSD! There is a lot of literature out there that touts the speed benefits of an SSD. I have an HDD and an SSD in the same system and I can notice the difference in access times between files saved on the different drives. I promise that it is worth it when properly configured as the boot drive with the OS installed.

Well thank you :) and bye the way im going with 2 8gb sticks of ram i will want to upgrade to 32gb down the line. and the reason for the oversized case is because i want to go with a custom watercooling loop eventually and as im new to watercooling i want alot of room to work with so i can learn without haveing to worry about fitting things.l

And don't feel dumb about the MB! Typos and confusion happens.

That is fair on the case. I don't know much about the case, but if you want to watercool in the future, I would make sure that there is adequate radiator support. Try to find some video reviews as it is easier to get a feel for the case.

Ya, i think you might do some comparisions on that. With those kind of clocks I would lean on the AIO s . Maybe a custom loop would serve you better. One the other hand you have plenty of air moving potential with that case.

So, I was bored in class today and watched a couple videos about the Blackhawk. I really don't feel that it is a good option if you want to watercool in the future. It looks like the radiator mounting options are pretty weak to say the least. There are other gripes I have with the case as well. In general, it looks a bit cheaply made. I mean, strap your power supply down with velcro? Also, the dust filtration is pretty weak. On a case like this, you want any intakes well filtered and you want to have positive air  pressure inside so that dust doesn't sneak it's way in. That will be VERY hard to do, so you'll probably be fighting dust all the time.

Overall, I think there are nicer cases for the same amount of money, but I also think that there are smaller, more manageable cases that offer better watercooling support for less money. Personally, I really like the options that the NZXT H440 offer. You can get two 360mm radiators in there without sweating it. The only downside to the H440 is that you begin to sacrifice 3.5" HDD space, but you should still be able to get a couple 3.5" HDDs in there with a 240mm radiator up front and still use a 360mm up top... or vice versa. Basically, you have options. A lot of people will say there isn't enough ventilation, but if you use good static pressure fans, you'll have enough airflow. I linked a review of each.

Linus Blackhawk:


OC3D H440:

yea my next investment after the original build will be to make a loop. thanks a bunch

so i watched both of the reviews (thank you bye the way) and the h440 doesn't have the 5 1/4 drive bays which i will need for archiving my editing. it does fit all my needs and the style also is nice. but the storage options are where that doesn't hit home for me. what do you think of this one though?

I think that all the mesh on this case is going to give you similar problems with dust. I found some that are all significantly cheaper, but I feel they're also better choices. Some of them have different color options too. They all support watercooling. If you want to keep the same case budget there are some other good options that I could link. I find that Newegg is the easiest place to sort through options and check out features so I'm linking everything there.

And these: I kind of like mine. Room for a 480 rad in the top. Which i plan on doing when i decide on which set of gpus i am going to put in this thing.

That's actually the case that I said I regretted earlier (I didn't list it by name tho). Overall, it is a good case, but there are a lot of things I decided I was unhappy with.

I don't like that you can't fit 200 or 230 mm fans in the bottom. Their whole selling point is reverse-ATX-bottom-to-top-since-heat-rises airflow theory, but I don't feel there is enough intake in the intake-to-exhaust ratio. As I talked about before, I really strive for positive internal case pressure with filtered intakes, thereby preventing excess dust buildup. I had a very difficult time fighting dust in this case, but I guess I live in a dusty area in addition to having a dog living with me at the time.

You can have the 480mm radiator in the top, but the front-most 120mm of it is in the drive cage area, which is OK, but not optimal. The other thing about the top rad is that a 30mm thick radiator with 25mm thick fans BARELY clears the motherboard. It is nearly impossible to work with connectors and cabling with a radiator and fans installed. I feel that a full tower case should have enough space that the MB mounted can be mounted low enough that that there is plenty of space to work. (Disclaimer: I had the MB tray in the traditional orientation, rather than the reverse, so it probably won't be an issue if you use the reverse-ATX mounting.) I DO like that you can mount a 240 or a 280mm radiator in the bottom.

The last gripe I have is cable management. I don't feel that there is a good implementation of cable management that allows you to neatly organize the cables coming out of the power supply, so they just kind of sit there looking average. I would have also liked to see the drive cages rotated 90 degrees so that the cables coming out the back of the drives could be somewhat hidden. 

These are all my nitpicks with the case, but they are definitely my own opinions. I said earlier that the Genesis is a good case, and I mean that. everyone will find positives and negatives about any product, and my negatives outweighed the good in the time that I used this case. I'm glad that you are happy with yours!

Actually, i agree with you on some of that. It will never be a show case due to alot of little things. SP fans in the bottom was my adjustment. Cable management made me scream why?  I use the side intake with a 230 but here in the states the lack of options on a 230mm fan is just pissing me off. Like the bit fen i am running now has to ran at close to full speed otherwise it makes noise. Bearing noise. I took the drive cage fans and made them all intakes. I dont like how much plastic is involved in the very top and the very bottom of the case. Still, its easy to use.