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Budget PC for World of Warcraft


I’m gonna post this one more time, and to OP neither the 2200G or 2400G are going to achieve these numbers in WoW. And if you pair them with single channel memory it’s gonna play like a potato. I rest my case.


Those numbers are complete fabrications, they show a GTX950 beating a GTX1050. That just cannot be the case.


The WD Green you included in your parts list is gonna make for some long loading screens. Even though Greens are now relabeled as Blues, they’re not all the same as some new Blues are running at 5400-5900rpm compared to the 7200rpm of others. They were always meant for archival (Greens).


Wow loading screens aren’t all that bad anymore. If it’s a worry it can always be swapped for a 120 gig ssd which can be had for 10 bucks more. Although I’d personally opt for the HDD cause space.


That Celeron is running 2.9GHz and has no boost and of course no HT? Is that correct?
If so I think nobody should base anything on that chip except a router maybe.


Yep, I tried the skylake version in WoW, played without a sweat.


Two cores at 2.9GHz, 2MB cache, no boost, no OC, not even HT… And then you have nowhere to go from there. The money goes into the GPU that might run a couple frames faster for now but you can’t upgrade the rig to something useful. The APU boosts to … what, 3.5GHz out of the box? And on a B350 board 3.8GHz on all cores should be no problem even on a box cooler.

These would be my core components for a budget gaming build right now:

Even way down the road those parts will be doing fine as a base.
To buy a dual core today is just a really terrible idea in my mind.


I bought the Asus GR8 by recommendation of PGR and it is running Legion at almost max without issues. Wow is luckily not that demanding so getting a budget pc is just fine.



That’s >$800 and includes a GTX1060, which will play pretty much any game at ultra quality and >60fps in 1080p.


The object is not to have the best upgrade path, it’s to play WoW at 300$ which my build will do just fine, and considerably better than a 2200G.

I won’t argue that the ryzen system has a better upgrade path, it does. But it’s not like you can’t drop in a i7 7700 in my build down the road if you wanted.


You could but it wouldn’t do jack shit.

Yes, your build is a bit faster now. From all I’ve seen somewhere between 10-25% in fps.
That is fixable by lowering settings just a little bit.
But whatever you do to upgrade that system, it will be expensive.

That i7 is 250,- now, let’s say 150,- used next year. And you can’t replace it with newer hardware because Intel won’t let you, the socket becomes a limitation. That is why prices for CPUs usually don’t drop that much.

You are just delaying the investment into a solid X86 base.
And you are still stuck with that useless 1030.

Now take the same 150,- and buy a used 1060 next year.
Put that onto the unlocked 4c/4t 3.5GHz platform you already have and … TADAA!


the 2200g and other zen APU are amazing for what you pay. i played WOW on a core 2 duo laptop with integrated for years. ( 12 FPS open world and 10 ish raid.) FPS means nothing in wow its all about the timing.


Like I said, I played it last about a decade ago (quit after leveling through BC) but I think so too. Sometimes I played on a macbook pro back then, C2D, 4GB memory, nvidia something with shared memory… and OS X wasn’t helping either. Leveling, questing, even raids (MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20) was all fine with rogue and druid.

I wouldn’t advocate playing on stuff like that but it did work. xD


Timing the attacks and spells?


that and boss moves etc… time your moves and the global cool down and profit from insane dps. ( as a prot pally in cata i was in the top 5 for dps in my guild 10 man raids.)timing is key.


That’s a given but a slideshow isn’t going to be enjoyable with 12fps. Just because a low-end budget system can run a game doesn’t me mean it’s going to be a good experience playing it.


that is true but the 2200g is more than enough to get a solid 30 FPS at medium at 1080p. which for wow is perfect.


And lowering the resolution is an option too, even if it’s just a bit, to improve fps a bit more.

Only area where it will significantly dip is in Suramar. Beautiful design, but damn…my fps drop a lot in the city.


thats true of all major citys so many people in a small area = major frame loss.


And I would argue that is not even GPU related.