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Budget PC for World of Warcraft


Why would you want a ghetto option when you can get something slick and nice looking?

You can’t upgrade the GPU in the Alpha but I mean, the whole thing is $250. And it’s much faster.


Because that isn’t of value when you turn the lights down to play a game.
Being able to use the same stuff in a year or two when you add a GPU… is.

And 250,- for a dual core, 4GB of DDR3L and a 500GB HDD in a box full of dust with no warranty and no upgrade path is just not how I would spend my money.


Shrug, I strongly disagree.


I know. It’s ok. :wink:


Ryzen 2200G or any refurb I3 with a cheap gfx card will do.
The safest aproach would be “Have you checked out any of the Wow forums online?”


Good God, man. Have you seen MMO forums? I wouldn’t wish them on my arch-nemesis.


No…just, no.
The only thing the official WoW forum agrees on is that WoW prefers high single-core performance over more cores. Other than that it’s a jungle where you’ll get yelled at by startled monkeys.


LOL. Great reply. I intentionally came here because I knew the community was awesome. The responses and comments on this thread have proven me out 10x! I am very appreciative of the help.


Behold my 313$ creation that will play WoW just fine:
This is the best you’re going to get for a new 300$ WoW build.

CPU: Celeron 3930G - This CPU only has 2 cores and 2 threads but it runs WoW no problem, I’ve played WoW on a 2C/2T CPU without any issues.

Motherboard: MSI B250 PRO-VD - Cheapest B250 on the market, has everything you need.

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 1x 8GB 2400MHz - Safe bet to go with 8GB, 4GB might choke.

GPU: Geforce GT1030 2GB - This one will run WoW well at 1080p, here’s some benchmarks.

PSU: Evga 400W - You don’t wanna go cheaper than this one.

Case: Cougar MX330 - Budget case with decent looks.

Storage: WD 500GB Green - This is the old version of the Blue drives, exact same drive apart from the color on the sticker.


2200G is basically GT1030 speeds and will save even more money, if the guy’s friend is OK with that performance level. Which is honestly fine, but I get itchy whenever I see <30fps.

But again, that’s a giant mid-tower case in her living room. I wouldn’t stand for that and I’m a dude.


1030 is faster in wow by a fair amount.


Don’t see why WoW would be any different than the half-dozen or so other games Gamers-nexus benchmarked in their comparison. 1030 and 2200G trade places depending on the configuration and game, with the 1030 usually a smidge ahead, but not by a lot. 2400G usually wins when it enters the competition.


Cause Nvidia is better than AMD in WoW.


Nope. WoW doesn’t noticeably favor red or green. Roughly equivalent GPUs, like the GTX1060 and the RX-580, will perform roughly the same.


Yeah, no.
Played Wow on so many hardware configurations, Nvidia outperforms AMD in this title.


It really doesn’t, and hasn’t for a very long time. I don’t trust those benchmarks.


Then provide some proof, I’ve tried both hardware configs and I’ve seen that those benchmarks reflect reality.


I actually looked around and couldn’t find anyone else benchmarking WoW with the 480/580 vs the 970/1060.


No need for German. Numbers are numbers. You have to scroll down a fair bit.


I don’t see a RX-580 there, but it does have a RX-480., and the 580 is ~7% faster than the 480. So:

GTX 1060 = 91.2 fps
RX-580 = 90.1 fps (84.2*1.07)
RX-480 = 84.2 fps

Really weird that they had the 970 beating the 1060, too. Must have been really overclocked.