Budget card to stream HD and a little bit of gamin

Hi guys im looking for a budget video card that can stream HD via HDMI to my TV with audio included, i also want to do some gaming as this will not be my main pc all i want to play is TF2, COD4 and fallout 3 at 1440x900, i have a AMD X2 4800+ @2.5 and 3gb of ram running win 7.

what do you guys recommend?

A GTX 260 will do the job , and alot more. What is your bugdet ?

oh i forgot to put it i have a 400w power supply so im pretty limited by that, i have $120
i dont think my 400w power supply can handle a gtx 260 >_

Get a ATI 4850.

IMO go with a 9500GT, and if not that then go with the GTS 250 or a 9800GT.

+1 on ATI 4850... or equivelant.

I think the 4850 will be the best choice.

Do not get a 4850. I hate it, so will you.

What is the fastest, 4850 or GTX 250?

Try a 9600 GSO, those run games really nice, and I have one with HDMI in my HTPC. Works really nice!

Yeah, I meant to say the 9600GSO, I couldn't remember if the card I saw was a 9500GT or a GSO but it's the gso.
So IMO go with a GSO.

9600 GSO & 9800 GT will run all those games at about max, GTS 250 or 4870 for a bit more future proof

9600 GT. Hands down.

all right let's assume i buy a 9800GT, will that be a bottleneck for my 4800+ @2.5ghz ?

Yes it will. Can you get it above 2.9, and you're good to go.

I doubt it.

THE best choice is the GTS 250. <- Best Value
but if you must go ATi then HD 4850.

but if you don't want to spend all $120, then go 9600 GT.

But i still recomend the GTS 250.

But you got to note that ATI is kicking the 4800 series out. So you're on the right track, but don't forget the 4870 prices are shrinking slowly + it's faster than the 4850 (although it'll be very juicy when it comes to TDP). The GTS 250 is going quite cheap but I'd recommend looking at the GT220 just in case (power requirements for this card aren't that strict).

opinion not needed.