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This is is gonna be my productivity blog for some upcoming stuff I’ve got to get done within the year.

So, I guess I’ll start off with some goals, and things I want to accomplish going forward in this thread/blog.

  • Work on my motorcycle and get it up and running for the riding season. I need to take it to the shop to put tires on it, as well as siphon gas out of it so that I can send my fuel injectors to be ultrasonically cleaned.

  • Put my computer back together. This includes sending the motherboard in for RMA. I’ve been putting this off because all my spare time has gone to the aforementioned motorcycle project.

  • Setup my Cisco lab equipment.

  • Setup a file server, as well as a Rasp Pi network accessible movie drive (or something similar)

  • Begin studying for my CCENT/CCNA

  • Finish up my CompTIA A+ cert, my class will end at the end of June. Should have cert near the end of that. (I also am hoping to get my CCENT around the same time.)

  • Begin learning Python.

  • Rebuild resume, and include aforementioned projects and certs once completed.

  • Find a new job by the end of the year, and hopefully increase my income by around 15-20%.

Feel free to chime in with comments and questions. Any suggestions are welcome, so long as they pertain to the above topics.

Try to keep the meme-ing to a minimum.



First pictures of me and my Dad cleaning and rebuilding the fuel pump from my motorcycle.



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The fuel strainer shown directly above was completely clogged. So much so, that the injectors are most likely clogged as well. I’ve run the bike, and it just does not wanna go above 6k RPM under load.

Something is stopping up the fuel when more than half throttle. My money is on a clogged injector.

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Important info for later.






Remember to break them in.



Gotta fix the fuel issue I’m having first. I can’t even get the bike above 4k RPM.

The mechanic who put the tires on was nice enough to show me how much fuel the fuel pump would push out when the bike is first primed for ignition.

Turns out, it’s only delivering around 1/3rd or less of the required fuel.

I’m wondering if I have a vacuum leak somewhere in the system, or if the new fuel pump that I bought was actually bad.



Have you checked the throttle body?



I don’t think that is it. The issue is before it gets to the throttle body.

The bike isn’t throwing any codes that would indicate a sensor failure, so I’m not sure what else it could be.



Worth checking that the plates got full movement either way.
Also take it in for a valve adjustment.

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I’m going to run this test next, and double check to see if the pump is actually delivering enough fuel.



Did you check the fuel lines?



It’s on the to do list, but I haven’t seen anything egregiously obvious on the few times I’ve poked around there.



When you get it running properly hit it with some seafoam and take it out and Rev the shit out of it.

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Checklist for the bike, in no particular order:

  • Check fuel lines.
  • Check CDI.
  • Check all fuses.
  • Put the bike into “dealer mode” again, to see if any sensors have failed.
  • Run the fuel test to see if the pump is delivering the correct volume of fuel.
  • Break in the tires.
  • Seafoam and rev the shit out of it.
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Found the smoking gun! @tsk @Adubs

It was the high pressure fuel filter, found in a plastic assembly above the fuel pressure regulator. It was hella clogged, and damn near impossible to clean.

Shown as #7

It runs a lot better now, but still hesitates and bogs down at 6-7k RPM. Might just have to replace the whole assembly, to the tune of $116 USD.

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Yes you do.



I was gonna go full stupid and delete the filter element of that part, and just add an in line fuel filter before it hits the throttle body. But, that may be a bad idea, and would probably have unintended consequences.

Not to mention, there is almost no room for an inline filter.