Bsod,really need some help!

i started getting these pesky bsod’s a few days ago.the blue scren says “critical structure corruption,what failed;ntfs.sys”
i posted first on some windows forum where a guy told me to reseat all didnt work.after that he abandoned me…i also tried display driver uninstaller,didnt do much either.
so i did the logical thing-came here!

aorus master x570
2x8GB 3200/cl 16
a couple m.2 and some sata ssd’s/hdd’s

heres the dump:
(i dont know why theres only files from last 2 days?)


im sure there r many things i forgot to include,sorry.let me know and il do my best.

i should have everything up to external AV.

if anyone can help me out with this i would be SOO grateful!
thanks in advance,eddie

Those are kinda the important part here…
Try running some tests on the OS drive as a start to see health status and stuff like that…

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in crystaldiskinfo it says 100%.its a kingston 25ogb nvme.


Novasty might be able to provide a more immediate answer. I’m on holiday until at least tomorrow lol.

So what I would do is run dism repair and an sfc scannow repair in the mean time. This should fix any critical system files. As I’m on holiday I’m not looking at bsod until Monday. Novasty should be able to provide a more immediate answer

Are you running any third party storage drivers?

Minidump downloads give me an empty zip file.

As for this, likely a failing/bad hard disk, remove any recently added drives or recently added old harddrives if you added any, if not, run with only the essentials, so OS, important data drives, etc…

sorry,i hope this does it:

il try if removing most drives will help.


sfc/scannow ,dism scanhealth and checkhealth came back all good,no corruption.

“third party storage drivers”?


Yeah some NVME drivers are considered third party and can screw with things. I see it way less now but it was an issue in the past

i think i only have from samsung.
please dont ruin ur vacation over this.

Your not ruining anything my friend. I’ll check tomorrow hopefully. If not @Novasty will get to it. He is the master at checking these in comparison to the rest of us.

@ddmeltzer8 Did you install new hardware recently?
As in the past 2 or 3 weeks?

the only thing is i tried another gpu 3 days ago.but it gave me the same bsods so i just threw the old one back in.other than that,i havent for many months.


Have you tried using another SSD? The crash is literally telling you that there is a problem with your storage device.

I mean I am trying to narrow down which storage device is causing it first before we outright switch SSDs. Because just swapping an SSD won’t resolve the issue if the BSODs are still happening as a potential from the other storage devices installed.


Check event viewer to to see if it has any warnings pointing to a specific storage device.

where exactly does is “literally” say theres a problem with my storage?
no offense,but please stay away if u r not gonna handle this properly.

do u mind pushing me a little bit in the right direction in respect to the event viewer thing?


You want to look under “System”


there seems to be 2 different types of warnings,at least for today.
one is something about intel gigabit internet.but the other is about something SID.i have no idea what even to look for…
i send pics of the SID one.


Dcom isn’t what you are looking for. That doesn’t matter.
“critical structure corruption,what failed;ntfs.sys"
Is telling me it’s a disk problem.
Additionally, the bug check you illustrated says its a disk problem

Please try another disk. There is no reason to get sassy.


@Novasty sorry for the double post-- I hadn’t seen your reply.
The storage device that is causing the probelm is the storage device that ntfs.sys is running from. That will be on the C: drive. The evidence we have been given suggest the drive is going all hinky.
I know it is not reporting SMART errors, but that doesn’t mean anything. We know key system files in Windows are corrupted. Believing the SMART reporting over the evidence is like believing a murderer who claims he is innocent after watching him commit the crime.
The other drives are irrelvent because he wasn’t complaining about specific files or programs crashing, he was complaining about BSODs and the BSOD’s say ntfs.sys is corrupted.

EDIT: Also, @ddmeltzer8 please post a screenshot of the C drive’s crystaldiskinfo. I would bet SMART is actually reporting something bad happening and isn’t reporting it in a manner you are familiar with. The percentage it gives is mostly meaningless.