*BSD - Daily work on BSD

Since the whole L1T Linux corner seems to lit (L1T = lit, see it now?) for the BSD Challenge i also wanna get into BSD. I bought a book when i worked for a hosting company about solaris performance and performance monitoring but never got really into it.

So i wanna get kubernetes going on bsd and see if i get it to work and how better the performance could be and then try to test it.

so expect rants from an angry german guy about why bsd and kubernetes is utter trash and also mega fanboy-ing about those things because they are so cool.

see cya soon!


You can do it @BookrV!


Nice of you to join he BSD train! It’ll be a wild, fun, semi-angering ride!


This is the book i was talking about earlier.

So i guess the basic thing is getting *BSD going and trying to get Kubernetes on that thing. When that is running, I wanna get the LTS version of my companies product on this thing and then I either have to build loadtests myself (I dont think i can do that tbh) or when im lucky, im asking my collueages and maybe get the loadtests they already built and they are using in the real-world.

I already downloaded ghostbsd but i guess im going with OmniOS for the ZFS and DTrace functionality that is built in. Also it the illumos kernel the active fork of the opensource solaris11 kernel, so basically the OpenSource Fork of Solaris11 which itself is SUNs Performance Enterprise BSD.


I wanted to install OmniOS on bare metal, but after @Even747 mentioned that it may come to some sort of problems with I’m installing it on a VM on the mac.


Ayyyyyy BSD :joy:


Praise B…SD, cant wait to see that under-the-bonnet riceing to come

I’m guessing you wont really be doing much to make the interface “attractive” if you are just going to run Kubernetes on it



Damn, about to buy that. How is it?


As far as I can tell its basically the Performance Bible for Linux and BSD.

It talks about methodology and best practises and a lot of technical detail. 500 pages full of how to do things and what to check.

It really is comprehensive, which is why i didnt came to actually working with it, nothing i can do “on the side casually”. So perfect for this challenge.


No I have it on a VM for now to get a feel for it and see what kind of prerequisits one has to mind before get going and then will an actual install on an ssd since the macbook is not the best place for that.

but i also need the test kubernetes going so, a lot to do!

its a good thing we a year of time for that. :sweat_smile:


Good book, has been a helpful reference to have on the shelf.