Brand-new 10TB HDD appears to not receive power [SOLVED]

Hello everyone, these are my specs.

And this is what I just bought today.

Sata and power cables swapped. Drive appears to not even spin.
I took it back to the store I bought it from, only to be shown that the drive operates normally and they can’t be sure why it’s not working for me. Not willing, not able (?) to provide me with any solution, I resolved to the internet with little to no avail yet.

I opened up a support case with WD describing all the above, and I await their input.

Anyone here that can shed some light and extinguish my frustration please?

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Do you have the SAS or SATA version of the drive?


Would Sata cables plug into a sas drive? I thought the tab between sections would physically block it?

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It may be the power disable feature that came with the SATA 3.3 spec.

If the legacy system is providing power to P3 (Pin 3), the only side
effect is that the HDD will not spin up.

Using a Molex to SATA adapter will correct this, or if you are careful some tape can fix it as well.


Its the SATA version of the drive.

And no SAS cables are different. They wouldn’t plug in.


That seems a likely scenario. Are you aware of any possible workaround perhaps?

A Molex to SATA power adapter should fix it, or putting some tape over pin 3 (or pins 1-3) should also fix it.


What a coincidence; I just happen to shucking drives this morning, and I have an old power supply.

Just get some heat resistant (kapton is a popular brand) tape and tape the left 3 power pins:

taped pins


I thought it was just the third pin?

So basically you are advising me to mask the 3rd pin and see if it’s operating that way.
Am I understanding this correctly?

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In the current spec, pins 1 and 2 are reserved and unused, 3 is for 3.3 v. So there is no harm in taping 1 & 2 and I find it hard to work with such a thin piece of tape. Taping all three makes it more likely the tape stays on when you plug the power cord on instead of just rolling it up an uncovering pin 3.


Nice, that would make it much easier. Thanks for that!

@cburn11 Took the words right out of my mouth.

If I was to take a guess you bought the WD Elements Desktop 10TB. Look like they’ve started implementing this on all their enclosed drives.

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Good guess.

I have a problem:


This is what I chose as a solution

And it’s working like a charm.

Thank you guys for the info, couldn’t have done it without your help!
Once more L1Techs to the rescue!! I love you all!


Homework storage?

I have been running dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/md0 for the better part of decade trying to find the pattern I know is in there somewhere. And I may need to go another decade to nail it down.

What kind of SATA connector is that on the adapter? Is it the kind where the plastic is molded around the wires or the kind that is crimped? The molded ones are pretty cheap and have been known to kill drives by shorting/burning whereas the crimped ones are higher quality.

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Sorry for taking that long to respond, I have been and still I am extremely busy these past months.

The photo is a random image from the net. the actual product I was able to find has no molded cables but as you said crimped.

Been running with it for more than a month now, with no issues.