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Brain diferrences between sexes


The CERN topic was closes so i want to leave this here so that there is no more confusion.

And please people, this is very important knowledge to have when facing certain ideological viewpoints.


You can use links to link a topic to the previous one when the previous one was closed. This way people reading the previous topic can see the link to this one.


Referenced discussion is here:

We will close this if it becomes another ideological argument that doesn’t go anywhere.


i just wanted to lay down the science. the topic got closed while i was driving home from work :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to allow this thread to continue cause HOPEFULLY it can bring some reasonable discussionzzz (Cenk Uygur voice) but as soon as it goes left.



i see what you did there :wink:


Women and men are different, physically and mentally.

Equal opportunity > equality of outcome.




We know there are biological differences, that is not really disputed or even an argument. Those differences have nothing to do with equal opportunity. Men have difficulty bearing children right? That clearly means they should not have the right to vote, clearly. Right. Or, we accept that we have differences and that equal opportunity doesn’t really have much to do with that.

It is very much the same for many other things. Oh, you were born in that part of the country, then you can’t vote then can you? Clearly


The very basic building blocks of democracy and free society has the roots in equal opportunity.

And a training exercise, look at the neurological variations between men and women and compare them to the variations between individuals in general among the same sex.

Edit: I write this as somebody that isn’t Neurotypical. You could probably say that I’m a proponent of Neurodiversity. I find science (especially neuroscience) fun and interesting.


Since the “op” only contains a link to a certain article,
and topic starter doesn´t share his own points of views on the matter.
I can only see this topic as being low efford.

And there for i´m going to lock it.

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