Blood Dragon Giveaway [closed]

To show my appreciation for the community, I decided to host a giveaway for a copy of Blood Dragon. Here is how to win:

Answer this question: if you were given the oppurtunity to make a game with unlimited resources, what would it be?

Remember to have fun, and go crazy with your ideas.

The winner is: drakensberg


For me, it would be somewhat like a game I used to really enjoy, and that is Spore.

It would be an MMO, and as a sort of Prologue, you would be an almighty space race that had a majority control of all the galaxies in the universe (this universe, and the galaxies would be procedurely generated). you would then suddenly have a breakthrough, and you would realise that you can take ENTIRE control of the universe, and that is in fact an atom within another universe.

As an atom in this larger universe, you would first have to start bonding with other atoms, etc. etc. and you would eventually find yourself as a little cell. We all know the basics of evolution, you would go through that untill you were a little swimming cell, then onto a small creature, animal, sentience etc. untill you discovered flight, then space travel, then eventually you would get to the same point as you were in the prologue, and the cycle would start again from where the proogue left off. 

as you play, there would be infinite universes (unlimited resources, let's remember), the more you advanced, the better players you would be playing with, and the harder it would be to take full control. The NPC AI would also reflect this, probably exponentially too.

as well as all this, you would be able to customize you character, or whatever you are playing as, down to smaller and smaller levels. for example. as an animal you could change a whole limb, or you could go and change the organs, or you could change the cell composition of some tissue in an organ, or you could change the individual arrangement of atoms within each cell (once again, let's remember UNLIMITED RESOURCES)

I'll probably add more thoughts to this if/when I think of them, but now I'm really sad that there can't be a game like this, at least not in the near future :(

Even though I already own Blood Dragon, I might as well post something just to see what people think of the concept I have for a game.

Genre: 1st/3rd Person MOBA Shooter

Setting: Post Apocolyptic Earth

Era: ~30 Years from the Present

Background Story: After the 3rd World War, the world has fallen into a race for resources. There are many factions fighting for these resources, but there are 6 warlords that control most of the resources. Each of them fight for a different cause, some fight for the people who are surviving within their territories, and there are some who fight for themselves

You play the part of a wandering mercenary that has yet to begin his path. You may choose to join one of the major groups, or you may decide to make your own faction.

The planet is fighting over 4 main resources:

               Oil (What's left of it.)

               Building Materials

               Water (What isn't contaminated from the war.)

               Farmlands (Places where the war never touched, clean of environmental hazards.)

In order to create your own colony, you would need control of those 4 resources in order to thrive.


Now that you have a feel for what the game is designed to be like, lets get into some of the grit.

The game is intended to be a F2P (Free to Play) game with a microtransaction system.

Through that you can purchase screws, which are used to upgrade and customize the weapons you find throughout the life of the game.

Screws can also be found, albeit rare, in game. (Found in boxes of 100+)

Every weapon can be customized to your liking, but something like changing barrels and rifling will increase the cost of upgrade.


I have a ton more to add, but I want to see what people think so far.

Well seeing as i am writing a game already.......

WW2 FPS from the German perspective  - masssive campaign from the invasion of Poland through to the end of WW2 with maps in Poland, Russia, France, Italy, Greece and North Africa.

Immersive and mature storyline showcasing the utter horror and pointlessness of war. (NOT in ANY way Pro Nazi)

Multiple storylines depending on the consequences of your actions.

OpenGL not DirectX with full Linux support.

I would do a proper sequel to Parasite Eve 2. Basically i would try to continue the story, improve and modernize the gameplay while keeping the core gameplay and rpg elements and inventory that i liked in the second game.

Or maybe i would just buy SNK Playmore and do a high budget King of Fighters(my favorite fighting game franchise  with all the original people that created the great characters and awesome soundtrack 

Genre: 1st/3rd Person

Setting: present day

The graphics aspect of the game would be much like skyrim, 3rd person or 1rst person (the player chooses).

There would be persistent world in which the player would start. The world would have all the normal stuff we have in real life: schools, hospitals, police, etc. All of them functioning (as opposed to just for show).

There would be an advanced status system, as in strength, stamina (and all the other typical ones), thirst, hunger, (and other physiological needs that anyone needs to attend to in order to keep living).

Damage system would be complex too. Instead of losing hit points when receiving a strong blow to the arm, the player would have the arm unusable (broken bones, for instance) or loose the arm, and suffer from health depletion due to the bleeding, etc.

Hospitals and all other buildings would be functional as in the player would have to go to the hospital, depending on the extent of the wound: wait in line, consult with a doctor, pay the hospital bills, etc.

Every building, landscape, tree, river, would be destroyable. Every aspect of the scenery would be mutable. Blow up a hospital and you would have nowhere to when you’re sick. Burn down the forests and there would be nowhere to get wood from. Destroy one of the weapons shop/weapons fabrication industry, and there would be nowhere to buy them from. Enter a house without being invited and you would be a felony.

Players would be able to rent a room, a house, a building, or build a building, a house in the middle of the woods, much like minecraft, but since there is a government, there would the need to pay taxes and all the other government annoyances.

In short, most things would be as close as possible to the real world. Think of the game like a life simulator, like the sims, but far more complex and open ended.

Now to the gameplay.

The game would be online or offline.

When playing offline there would be a quest system that would come along with the game, similar to that of skyrim. After finishing all the quests that come with the game, the player can download other quests made by the community using advanced tools that would go bundled with the game. Quests would have to be free when made by other players. Players could charge for their quests, but they would have to be sold in a specific store (like google’s play store) for an affordable price and a small part of the income would have to go to the developers. There would also be more quests made by the developers.

The online portion would function as a MMO. But not as the typical MMO. In the beginning, servers would all be the same, as they all start with a fixed number of building and a specific scenery/cities etc. But, and here come the part that I think is the most interesting, since every aspect of the world can be changed by the players and their actions, in time each and every server would be unique.

In time, players would buy necessary materials (or produce them by having their own industry) and build their own houses (or sign a contract with a construction company, or have their own construction company) and live in them, or build whole buildings and rent them for other players. Cities would grow from the ground up.

Eventually, as server grows, players would take npcs’ part in somte thing like the police, the arms seller, the woodcutter, the doctor, etc., eventually growing the server into a world without any npcs. There would be an economy, players would have to elect other player to become mayors, sheriffs, pay taxes, etc.

But every server is unique. For instance, in some other server, players would end up destroying everything, not following laws whatsoever, completely wiping out all the law enforcement institutions and end up creating a lawless, every man for himself and dangerous world.

Or destroy a nuclear power plant creating a nuclear leak that leads the world to a wasteland full of killer mutants and hazardous ambients.

Or trigger an event which turns most people into zombies, creating a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world.

Maybe discover some kind of alien artifact that makes whoever touches it become a lightning spitter flying semi-god much like dragon ball z. Such player could hide the artifact for himself, or only let his friends touch it, or just let every player touch leading to chaotic magic filled world.

There would be many hidden player trigger events like those that would completely change the servers, and it would be up to the players to find them, find out how to trigger them, or to not allow other players to do so in order to keep the server the way they want it to be.

More and more triggers would be added as time goes on and as new ideas come by, either player suggested or dev. Quests would be added, made either by the developers, or player-made dev-approved quests.

The game itself would be like a platform for creating and telling stories. As long as the community keeps creating content, the game would never die out.

sounds like a decent idea, except for one fatal flaw, and that's people play video games generally to excape real life, if it got off the ground and a big fan base it could *possibly* be good, but i think you would just end up with a bunch of teenage guys playing as 19 year old chicks working as strippers

I do agree with you to a certain extent. People do play videogames to escape real life, but they also play them to do things they wouldn’t be able to do in real life, or simply dont want to do in real life (like killing a person, throwing a grenade, etc).

If you met me in person, you wouldnt point a gun at me and shoot (i hope). But in a competitive online game you would most definitely do so to loot my stuff, because you think my avatar is dumb or whatever.

Thats when the "escape real life" factor comes in. And it’s not all black and white: there are many levels a game can escalate when it comes to escaping reality.

For instance, what do you want to happen when you shoot me in the head in-game? That flowers pop from the bullet hole and i flash into a beautiful bunny-fairy? Some purple goo to come out of my head? Or the most realistic option: a splatter of blood and I die?

What about when you shoot a wall with a bazooka? Do you want a flashy explosion and a black smudge on the wall? do you want some superficial cracks in the wall just for show? or the most realistic option: depending on the building size, sturdiness, etc., the building collapses or a whole shows up so you can pass through?

All these examples can be seen in different games. How close to reality a game will be depends on what audience it targets.

We all know zombies are not real. That’s why playing a game with zombies is escaping real life, its something that just doesn’t happen to us in a day-by-day basis. The zombies have to be believable, though. Zombies walk, because they have legs. They can’t fly, because they don’t have wings. So it would be utterly stupid to make a game or a movie in which zombies could wave their arms real fast and start flying like birds. That would be escaping reality too, but depending on the game and the audience, a little too far-fetched. So there are many ways of escaping reality.

Making the game i described would require more tweaking and research, of course. Especially given that the implementation of some things too close to what we have to reality would be simply dull, annoying or just plain time-consuming and useless. In the long run, we play games to have fun, so there'd have to be a balance between simulating real life and absolute non-realistic madness in order to make a fun, but believable game.

The problem with teenagers as 19 year old strippers or any other oversaturated job could be worked around by the game economy itself, or even with buffing and unbuffing professions and payments as a last resort. Besides, with so many possible quests, i dont think most player would want to just strip during the whole day in a game, or even stop to watch an avatar stripping :)

One thing is for sure, though. Initially the developers would be responsible for quests and content, but in the long run, the game would be very dependent on its community. Then again, if the game is able to achieve a respectful fan base, it would constantly refresh itself, devs would make money with less effort, and so would some players, and everyone would have fun! Yay happy ending.

A massive, sprawling world - deserted in areas, vibrantly populated in others. Cities emerge from this diverse landscape, non-existant in the obvious places, and tucked away in the unseen crevices of the Earth. You, a mercenary on occasion, are venturing across the land, stopping at brothels, enjoying a drink, taking a job, and moving on. Your life is a representation of the state of this world - twisted, roughened, obsolete. In this place of harrowing sins, and devious plots, you are but a puppet. This visage you live under, the traveling adventurer, is but a cloak over your true intent, what you are drawn to by an unyielding, unexplainable force, you reckon is simply your sub-conscious. There are no rules, no laws - your only guiding tenant is to fulfill this immaculate task: find, hunt, and kill the remaining colossi. You are not alone in this hunt - others are unnaturally drawn to complete this task, as if there is a great reward, bestowed upon the victor of the immense, some say impossible task, by an overseeing, ancient, and very powerful creature, be it man, god, or simply a means for these men to put their mind at ease. Your resources - whatever you can find, steal, or acquire. Your strengths - whatever doesn't make you a target to the other hunters. Your possibilities - endless, bound only by your passion to hunt the colossi until you slay the very last one. Work, hunt, hide, run - whatever you do, you will always be forever drawn closer to the colossi, and closer towards your destiny.

These beasts, these colossi, varying in form, in all conceivable aspects, are not an easy thing to hunt. As a mercenary, you have a moderate talent with using simple bladed and blunt weapons, but that is by no means the extent of your arsenal, and definitely not the extent of the other hunters. Harness the ranged arts, be it bow or one of the few rifles you can find in this crippled world. Conjure the spirits and extrapolate powers from the archaic skills of magic, an unpredictable, yet quite deadly tool. Resort to hand-to-hand, or simply avoid combat all together by joining forces with your fellow companions. You have no rules of war, nothing is off-limits in combat - kill the colossi, gather what you can, and move onto the next challenge. You cannot expect these massive, hulking monsters to be in anyway related; they could take to the sky, or strike from beneath the surface - having the possibility of imminent death keeps you on your feet, and makes combat essential to master. You are not alone in this world, even with your thoughts; insanity is not an uncommon thing on this path. Venture far, and venture strong, but do not forget the stretch of reality.

Traveling merchants prey upon the necessity of the world; knowing of the increasing numbers of hunters, you can expect to find isolated merchants selling short knives, magical tomes, flintlock rifles, or even dried foods. While you know not of the origin of your task, why you must complete it, or anything about these strange merchants, you know that you mustn't harm them. The repercussions are unknown - nothing may happen - but with such great risk, would you risk it for a free gun? Bandits sure would, and they are plentiful in this land. Maybe by protecting a particular merchant, you could get a free item; in this unpredictable, chaotic world, you can't be sure of anything.

This world I have been speaking of, this world of danger and reward, is not entirely corrupt. Many cities still remain locked off to the rest of the world, staying safe, or hiding secrets; they have many farms, workers, and citizens, providing an enticing opportunity for those slight of hand, or heavy fisted, but may not be what they seem. Enter at your own risk, through sewers, hidden mountain passes, or simply bust their walls down; what looks like an innocent child in the streets may very well be the bait of a colossi, having ruled over the city for years. Too good to be true, or inconceivably rewarding, these fortresses may very well be the only way to claim your place as victor.

An ever-evolving economy, and capricious atmosphere, the world is vibrant and alive, even in the seemingly desolate and remote areas. Your challenge is fought among thousands of other players, all vying for that title, that completion. To actually win the game is seemingly impossible. More colossi are added randomly, so coordinated attacks, and strategic alliances with the people of this world are necessary if you ever hope to win. By progressing in the challenge - killing more colossi - your level, and skills, will progress. By using your skills, your proficiency in them will increase, and with it, the yield of your actions; more damage from attacks, quicker draws, more money from jobs - more actions and abilities will be available both from this progression, or for purchase and acquisition in the form of training or books. A skill system based on the 3 main forms of combat, you progress into each sector as you please, and ultimately get a specialized class from your choices, karmic retribution, and physical level of strength. Being completely open, while traveling in the world, you may encounter players many levels above you. However, despite PvP in-game, you may not be attacked players more than 10 levels above you, within the first 25 square miles of the world. Anything outside of that, there are no rules stopping you from being harassed, but it is expected that you would have progressed to a reasonable level before entering such dangerous and advanced territory.

As you hunt, you may want to, or need to, gather money, or other resources to sustain. Jobs, or quests, are available randomly, and for dynamic amounts of time. Unlike many other games, each quest that isn't a main story quest can only be completed once, and upon completion, will go back into the 'pot' to be randomly assigned to another NPC. They are first-come, first-serve, and entirely random in both reward and difficulty. There is no telling how difficult a quest really is, aside from what the quest-giver tells you. You could end up fighting a high-level colossi on an errand to deliver a package - with randomly chosen locations, rewards, and quest items, you are going to have to be lucky to survive if you aren't fully prepared.

To understand why you are killing these colossi, you must kill more and more of them, and progress further out into the world. Some colossi will speak riddles, others will be blatant - they are intelligent, and wise; they may even trick you, or lie to you. The ruins, or what seem to be, may contain hints towards the story, but every 10 colossi or so, you are bound to uncover a sliver of the story, that may never be complete. The story may be revealed so slowly, depending on the amount of players, that forums would be left to speculate, practically forced to play more to learn, and get a chance at killing the last of the colossi. Players may never know the story, but once someone wins, a full book would be published, detailing the history, events, and reasons for your hunt.

Seeing how difficult completion would be, it is possible that nobody could ever kill the last colossi. Upon completion, however, if you are the lucky hunter, the hardened soldier, and the master of colossi, then something... unique would happen. For every 100 players, the "pot" increased by $10.00 USD. If you win the game, then you get this pot, in real life. You may complete the game within days, and only get a few hundred dollars, or finish it years after launch, and get hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is yours - your money. The reality of this goal, being both driven by the will to uncover more story, and their eye on the pot, will cause players to fight viciously to win, making a live representation of society, and humanity's inherent greediness.

TL;DR Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout, Dues Ex, The Elder Scrolls, Wendigo, Minecraft, EVE, WoW, Pokemon, Deponia, and Minesweeper combined into the ultimate open-world MMORPG based on the progression of the entire user-base, with an actual monetary reward that increases based on difficulty and users.

Half-Life 2: Episode Three ...that is all.

I would create a game called Earth. In this game, you can do whatever you want as it is an open world game. You become superman, Batman, ect. You could become virtally anything. 

I would have the whole game capture our entire planet. Every house you enter, every tree you could climb, every bulding you could go into and destory. Unilimted possibilities. 

You could pick some where to go such as Alaska and give your charachter nothing. Then you could try to survive by fishing, gather woods , making fires, hunting. 

You could also put yourself into an African tribe and live like them, but you could also go mad and kill every one or break everything.

You could have every car you wanted in this game and customize it your liking.

There would be quests and missions from random people you find. And then you could become good friends with these people. You can have kids, and if you dont want that kid you could punt him out the window, or place him in random wilderness and see if he survies. If he does, welcome him back. Sparta style.

Just all these possiblites I would create. It would be the perfect game. 



Real life.

Left 4 Dead 3

dot dot dot 

For the first day everyone is throwing out such amazing ideas... and choosing a winner is going to be a bit hard. But there can only be one!

Is that the description of the game you're currently working on? If so, that sounds really awesome and more games on linux the better.

Nice idea with the giveaway :D

I would probably do a remake of a game I liked in my childhood. Maybe "Knights and Merchants" or a game similar to Gothik, just with better mechanics :D

I'm just sick of those big cinematic blockbuster games. 

Or I would put the money into the game I'm currently working on. It's a web based game with a custom engine. Kinda hard to get money for all the software and stuff when you are a student, but you don't need a budget to code stuff :D

I would write an open world FPS/RPG, it would be similar, in some ways, to its inspiration, Fallout 3. It would have countless foes to face and friends to make throughout the game, and every little decision would reflect back on you, is some way. The consequences for your choices are almost never immediate, leaving you in anticipation. in the beginning of the game, you would be a nerdy teenager, boy or girl, and you would be picked on by this other guy named Greg. He makes life seemingly impossible for you in the vault and you don't know how to carry on anymore. Every morning in class you see his smirk as he turns away from you, and you see that perfect 122 logo on his back. Vault 122, just about the "safest" place on earth. You have to decide how to deal with this "Greg' when he lunges at you after you after you splash water on his pants whilst using the drinking fountain. Either way, you will end up out in the cold, harsh wasteland in the middle of Russia.The Marauders would be the outlaws of the wasteland, they plunder homes, kill the men, and take the women and children as prizes. These demented bastards, or bad asses, depending on your past decisions, will make or break you in the game. There are many ways to deal with them, with only a select few being the best, most effective, and least destructive ways. Along the way through the wasteland you will meet many creatures and people, you have to decide carefully who is going to be trustworthy, and you who will stab you in the back for all your caps and food as you explore this barren land together. As you finish “dealing” with the Marauders, a new problem arises, you need to find all of your allies, and foes alike to band together and defeat this so the wasteland will remain a free place, yet still a cruel barren land.

This game would also be running off of the engie Skyrim ran off of, because that was a great engine in my opinion. Sadly I can't recall the name though. This game would also get new DLCs every 2 months adding guns, clothes, and items for 2 years straight, these DLCs would be free, and the bigger DLCs would cost around $10-$15. The large DLCs would come out every 2 Quarters of the year, (Jan,  May, Sept, Dec.) for 2 years, like the smaller DLCs. I would also hope that the modding community would be a big part of this game, as that was one of the reasons I fell in love with the Fallout series. I would make this game solely for the PC, as I have nothing against consoles, I find that the game would be so much more enjoyable on PC and there isn't many good PC exclusives, excluding all the Indie games. This would be my dream game if I were to make it, there would be many tweaks in it as it was being developed, none of these ideas are set in stone. I would like to implement some of the mechanics from the Frostbite 3 Engine, but I just don't think that is very realistc in such a game like Fallout with today's hardware. Anyways, that is the game I would make with unlimited resources. I hope whoever reads this likes my insane ideas, and I wish the best of luck to everyone else.

Answer this question: if you were given the oppurtunity to make a game with unlimited resources, what would it be?

I would make an open-world game with a very complex moral choice system. Complex enough to the point of almost infinite replayability with a world large enough to require at least a month to explore everything. 

Also, moral choice system should not just be in the form of a dialog choices but it should also rate all actiond done by the player. Like, for example, does the player kill animals to collect resources or for no reason whatsoever. Does he try to minimize human casualties and when?

Moral choices should also pose dilemmas like rights of the few/good of the many, not just be good/be bad.

All moral choices should affect NPCs' attitude towars the player in a sensible manner.

I would make this kind of game because limited resources are the reason why they don't exist. Something like this would require a tremendous amount of man-hours for creating content that most players will not encounter. I can't imagine any publisher funding an AAA-game like this in our universe.

I would put all my fund and resources and make a huge team to complete and amp up the indie game Overgrowth.

One of my friends showed me some gameplay videos a couple of years back, and from what I remember the game looked pretty solid with interesting parkour like mechanics for a game that is still in alpha. Hopefully the game gets released somewhere in my lifetime.