Blender Conference 2016

The Blender Conference 2016 was on recently and a couple weeks ago all the panels were uploaded to YouTube. I've been getting through a couple over the last few days and just thought I'd share some of my highlights so far.

I'm really excited for some of the changes that they've talked about so far for the view port. Some of the stuff getting changes here I almost never use because I don't find them aiding my workflow in any way, but with some of these changes they'll pretty quickly find their way in there.

While I'm not really a fashion person some of the stuff they talk about in here is really interesting. I also think some of the tools he's developed could be really useful for character design and clothing in animation projects and games.

I think this video has been my favourite so far. I'm beginning to explore into music production a little bit and being able to make music with objects made in blender just sounds so awesome xD

I found this one interesting because 2D animation is a weak point for Blender and one of Blender's strongest points is its versatility so having certain workflows and processes improved is really awesome. I could see some sort of combination between Blender A Krita for 2D animation being a really strong option for it on Linux. A plugin that melds the 2 together in someway to make that easier would be awesome. Maybe something the community could start? :P

Another great video about some changes coming to Blender. I can confirm that UV unwrapping in Blender is a little hard from the few times I've used it and any improvements are welcome.

It's always great to see more adoption of Blender and some of the stuff these guys are working on looks really good. I love the style and I'm eager to see what comes out from them in the future.

Those are some of the highlights from the panels I have seen thus far. I'd like to give an honourable mention to "Smart Slicing in Blender". They have created a cloud rendering service, but the rendering computers are actually being implement in houses to be used as heats. I think that's just awesome xD I didn't find the rest of the video to interesting though do that's why I'm not posting it here.

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This is so cool! Didn't even know there was a conference for Blender. Great tool though. I too am excited to see what we can do with it when it comes to music

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Just watched this video and it's probably the most interesting Panel I've watched so far. It's about trying to use Blender for visualising physics simulations, specifically astronomy phenomena

I would be more excited had they talked about PPC amigaOS systems or AROS at all as they are faster than the windows systems in blender and blender gets regular updates on those platforms.

They might have? I haven't watch all of the Panels yet and there are some I'm not watching at all just cause I don't think I'd enjoy it.

I highly doubt they did or I would have seen it in places. Thees a lot of stuff I want to see and hear about but theres never any representation of it.

If there WAS something on them, timestamp it and send it to me. Even if they just say 'Amiga' in the video I'll be more invested again. I used to just find blender cool but that died lol.

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Sure thing. Surely there's someone in the community doing some sort of work on it though? There's a lot going on with Blender all over the place and maybe it's just not big enough to talk about but there's still work on it?

Yeah AROS won't get any notes nor will amiga OS. Theres a few devs helping out over there but over all its just some wierd people on the internet lol.

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