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Blender Benchmark Thread

The developers of Blender came out recently with a new benchmarking software as part of their open-data benchmark initiative.

You can read the announcement here:

Download Blender Benchmark

The software is currently in beta, but the testing code itself is stable and not likely to change.

Much like how Cinebench is based off of Cinema 4D, The blender benchmarking software is based on a stripped down version of the stable 2.79b blender build.

For the full details in video form you can watch this developer overview:

There are two tests to run on this benchmark, Quick Test and Complete Test.

The Quick Test generally takes about 30 minutes on most modern machines while the complete test can take several hours.

I ran my tests on 3 different machines.

My Desktop

Intel Core i7 5820K @3.3 GHz/Linux/16 GB DDR4-2133/R7 360):

Test Render Time
Quick Test: 00:26:50.64
Complete Test: 01:37:00.35

HP Envy x360 15z

AMD Ryzen 5 2500U @2.0 GHz/Linux/8 GB DDR4-2400/Vega 8

Test Render Time
Quick Test: 00:46:52.98
Complete Test: 02:54:12.78

Dell Latitude E5470

Intel Core i5 6440HQ @2.6 GHz/Linux/4 GB DDR4-2400/Intel HD 530

Test Render Time
Quick Test: 01:12:22.54
Complete Test: 02:27:52.48*

My Desktop

Intel Core i7 5820K @4.125 GHz/Linux/16 GB DDR4-2333/R7 360):

Test Render Time
Quick Test: 00:23:52.92
Complete Test: 01:25:44.64

*For some reason, some of the tests in the Complete Benchmark where actually skipped on the i5 6440HQ and when I tried to rerun this benchmark, the program crashed. Something must have gone wrong here.

I challenge the forum to test their systems with this benchmark.

Post your results (with links) below!


Nice to finally have an official benchmark from them


This is nice :smiley:

BMW27 used to be the semi standard benchmark file.
So it’s nice to have a standard test

Could ease the over reliance on for example something like Cinebench, with blender as a more real world hardware benchmark test.


The latest criticisms of Cinebech of course revolve around super high core count CPUs that complete the benchmark too fast to even heat up. This provides a real parallel workload that will not fail to stress them appropriately.

I’ll give it a shot when I’m back home.


Something seems odd here:

18 Core Xeon and then a 2700 just below that, looks like there might be some beta software issues being sorted out. Or someone is gaming the submissions system.


Is that Xeon really running at base though? OC the 2700 and maybe it really is that close…

Without some more context or data that’s gonna be hard to fathom no matter who looks at it.

Yeah, those don’t make sense, I got larger discrepancies comparing an i5 6440HQ to a R5 2500U even though both CPUs should be very close. My 6440HQ Complete Test ran weird and even actually skipped a couple of parts.

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I think it’s a nice initiative from blender, essentially we have a new cinebench competitor on the scene and I think it’s worth bringing attention to a good open software initiative. Something that can have a real effect on hardware testing in future.

Everyone feel free to participate in producing good benchmark data for Blender.

I think it’s important for us as a community to support good initiatives like this and I look forward to seeing some benchmark results!

Lets get testing!


I’m gonna start running it on all my systems when I get a moment.



Perhaps something worthwhile you can evaluate / roll into future L1 reviews & testing where suitable.


Good thread I think. I’ll add mine this week when i get a minute :smiley:

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Just gave the quick test a go. XPS 15 - i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4-2666, GTX 1050Ti Max-Q.


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Interesting. They don’t record the CPU frequency.

Had Throttlestop open at the same time, with a -140mV undervolt.

Was sitting at 3.2GHz on all cores, with 56W package power.

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You may have beaten my 1700. Well see in a few minutes. On to classroom right now.

1700 should be at least 5 minutes quicker.

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Well, I’m doing things in the background. I’m gonna do a clean benchmark tonight before sleep.

Yeah, BMW rendered in 00:12:33.31

Starting the benchmark on my xps13 9343 i5.

Will report soon.

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I took the opportunity to overclock my CPU (and my RAM a little bit too since the RAM speeds are slow).

I am surprised though that my performance didn’t improve much with that overclock. Maybe the RAM is still too slow.