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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)


I’ve got a USB-C phone. I’m starting to get more C stuff as well. My Camera, GoPro, laptop, etc… are all starting to get it. Chargers are next on the list.

Then Flash Drives. Please flash drives.


wait hold up, an actual deal! I got my 1070 a year ago for $545 CAD, now the EVGA 1070 TI is on sale for $579!


Yeah, 10 series cards should be on sale because of the 20 series being released.

I hope we see some good deals, even though 20 series is a bit of a flop for gaming.


checked vega cards at my local shops and they dropped about $150 here, but original price for Vega 64 is $949 ($718 USD) and Vega 56 is 879 ($665 USD), these prices are Killing me lol


Pretty much the whole world outside the US get screwed when it comes to prices. Even more, us Canadians are the ones that are getting the least screwed, compared to like UK or EU who get the same numbers than for the US, but with the pound or euro symbol instead of the dollar sign.


Obligatory Liliputing Black Friday Deals Page:


Check RFD and you will see both Canadian and American sales. Unfortunately our deals are not as good in Canada due to even less competition now (death of NCIX) and our dollar being crap so we can’t go over the border and buy there at a good price.


Don’t think it is a black friday deal…
Got some of these for a little over $20 with a $10 off coupon…They have a few different sizes…I got the cooler ones since size 16 bs…


For canadians, amazon is selling the Phanteks Shift X cheaper than the normal Shift… odd but any sale is a good sale lol.


Compiled list of chromebook Black Friday sales.

Not done by me. But from someone from the chromeos sub Reddit


Wow, those are peanuts in terms of cost.


The prices better stay that way. I don’t see how you can spend a ton of money for a low-mid tier spec laptop but with emmc storage.


At least with an ARM CPU battery life should be great compared to an x86 laptop.

But yeah, your right, why the heck are they using eMMC on some of these laptops, the cheapest ones on the list I get but for some of them, what stops them from using an SSD, eMMC sucks compared to SSDs and unlike Hard Drives they don’t hold much.


Anybody see anything for desks for sale?



Upgrading pin to global, still set to expire midnight on black friday

I should probably extend it to cyber Monday but I’ll worry about it later


I usually take a deck chair and a six pack or two to womans clothing stores and watch the fights :rofl:
I try to stay away from bf sales
muggers like to stand watch in the parking lots and relieve you of your new expensive items


usually places like rent a center, walmarts, and bigger home depot have good sales for furniture
or furniture outlets


I would be happy for a discount standup desk.


get a ps4 and spiderman for 200