Bitch At Your Senators About Net Neutrality

This post is nothing more than an annoyance for people in the US to look at. If you think Net Neutrality isn't important you really haven't read up what its about.

Please. Everyone's bitching is useful. Make your reee's come true.


It is more like threaten the Senators with their job. If you can not respect the will of the people ? We will terminate your employment :)~

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Does anyone else think that maybe this is something too big and too important to simply be handled by a regular bill in the US Congress? They have consistently been very poorly rated and not taking proper action for a very long time, no matter their political beliefs.

State Congressmen seem to be more willing to entertain the will of the people. Asking your state representatives to pass a resolution supporting a US Constitutional Amendment would make certain that the FCC and US Congress can't just change their mind one day, or slip small changes in with other bills to keep eroding internet freedom.

If enough states support an amendment then it would be likely that the US Congress will pass such an amendment before the states force it to happen, lest they pick the losing side of the issue and lose their jobs. They are totally cool with taking that gamble currently because it is easy to bury stories (even easier with a segregated internet), but it would be much more difficult to ignore if the states demand their federal government to institute the will of the people, or call a Constitutional Convention to do it themselves.

Personally I think every member of congress should be fired and barred from ever holding office again.

I'd like to see this happen at a convention of states, along with an amendment to the constitution that permanently enacts universal term limits.


I really hope this doesn't become a thing; but at the same time I feel like no matter how much we say this isn't what we the people want, the powers in change will just say fuck you and do what they want and then we'll be like Australia.

I don't want to be like Australia.

If this actually goes south, then we might see a resurgence in LAN parties (since they'll nuke our speeds) and a wide spread adoption of VPN's.

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Best of luck to the world in trying to save net neutrality. Thanks Aremis for trying to remind people to fight.

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This was my post on reddit of the matter.

I know this guy who works as a fiber vendor who said he was glad that they are trying to get rid of net neutrality. I asked him why and he said because he stands to make a huge amount of money.

Further talking to him I learned that he would routinely be hired to re-route bandwidth from residential areas to business areas if the businesses needed more. And during peak hours, most residents either get throttled or completely stopped so their businesses customers aren't affected.

When ever the government would show up to the ISP they would turn over all their logged traffic (un-encrypted) no questions asked. When ever someone was trying to maintain their privacy and encrypting their traffic, they would either throttle him down to nothing or completely cut his internet off and send him a letter.

At this point I'm raging inside at what he's telling me, but I know he's just the messenger; the real problem is with the establishment. This is what already goes on in the industry, and if they get rid of Net Neutrality, it shall begin the death spiral.

To answer your question OP, the only way it will get better is if it no longer becomes profitable for them to do this. That will require massive amounts of change, since they are able to resurface this issue every few years.

If you ask me, the system is pretty much fucked


I don't mean to be cynical, but I doubt a call to your local congress critter is going to do anything. What is our angry phone call or email compared to the hordes of black-suited telecom lobbyists? There's a reason Comcast and Charter were allowed to grow this big, and maintain their monopolies.

The point is to drown them out with volume. If they are getting reactions from xx,xxx numbers of people, then defying those could cost them their next term.
The hope is states pass legislation that keep certain principles of net neutrality in place; if the FCC repeals it. Some states have already participated in this, regarding the privacy of internet consumers.

If the local government ignores our plea, I have a feeling a few long-sat seats will shift this coming 2018..

The point is to drown them out with volume.

Politicians aren't out to win a select few, they want the masses. And most people don't care about net neutrality, they're more worried about healthcare, jobs, and even foreign policy.

defying those could cost them their next term.

But that's simply not the case. Most people vote for a given party, even if they don't actually know what the candidate's exact policy is. Because to them, and even some people here, they'd rather vote for a candidate who they think is going to save their job than a candidate who fights conglomerates and monopolies.

The hope is states pass legislation that keep certain principles of net neutrality in place

We've seen time and time again that AT&T and other large telecom companies are able to bully municipalities and even states into a legal monopoly or to prevent these governments from establishing their own ISPs. The cost to the politician is negligible compared to the gains that they could make if they side with the telecom industry.

I have a feeling a few long-sat seats will shift this coming 2018..

It won't be pleas regarding net neutrality that shift seats. It'll be healthcare or the economy that shifts seats, if any seats are going to be shifted. We've seen this time and time again, the people who care about net neutrality, like you and me, are the minority of the populace. No sane politician, certainly one in the Federal congress, is willing to go against the lobbying force of AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Charter, etc, etc, just because that's what a small minority of their constituents want.

It's not our senators fault the internet has become a giant pile of garbage. It went from a network built to deliver important information from one side of the US to the other. Think about the ability for Stanford to make their research and documentation readily available, not to mention current, to MIT. That moves things forward.

And you know what's crazy? It was engineered to be reliable both structurally and logically. This network could withstand major losses in routing infrastructure and still be able to supply alternative pathways for reliable delivery. What's even crazier is they made a protocol so realiable that even if you send million bits, the receiving machine can receive them in the incorrect order, rearrange them and identify and request any information missing. That's amazing!

Ok so, we have the internet of important information, them we had the "information superhighway" where the overall quality of the information being delivered probably dropped considerably, but we're dealing with information still.

Then lusers got in on the action. And they screwed it up. Where the herd migrates, is also where they all start shitting. And they migrated to the internet.

The internet is not longer information driven, by technical experts. It is consumer driven and a medium of commerce and entertainments. Although there are still a few packed of information moving around on layer 3, just not many.

It was America who invented the internet, and its only fitting we decide the future. The caliber of Americans who constructed and initially used this thing, built something so solid that since the 1970's, while it has been improved, still fundamentally supports the entire global internet. These are a different time and the lusers aren't the same cut of cat. Get ready for it - the internet of shit is about to be delivered to us all :slight_smile:

This. actually, it's still better to be Australian-kind than the other kind where there are restrictions on what sites to access and what not to, think russia and china.

The States, Australia, Russia, China and many others are developing nations when it comes to networking.
Kinda in the same category still.

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It's never ok to be like Australia.


I doubt they can hear me over the sound of dump trucks unloading all those bribes

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Which countrt has the best internet? I don't just mean speeds... But like the least amount of BS to deal with? (Caps, throttle)

Probably Sweden.

This so hard. Calling your senators will have minimal effect. They've done everything they can to insulate themselves from the general public opinion from gerry mandering to talking to lobbyists all day.

What really needs to happen is that the tech sector needs to unionize and demand sensible work weeks for themselves (none of this 80 hour weeks shit), and demand that vital infrastructure like the internet is a public good and not a luxury. Without the people who work in tech putting pressure on their bosses we'll never have control over the internet or the code that runs our computers. People like to think they can just run off and start their own business to counteract these tendencies, but the profit motive is what drives this encroachment of the computing world to become more and more shitty. Free Software isn't profitable, because giving people control over their computers means they can circumvent shit like ads and payware. We need people who have good politics getting organized to make sure that tech doesn't get turned into the next TV.

If there's nobody there to build the tech then businesses have to give in to their conditions instead of the other way around.

I've been doing a lot of research into the legal terms of most of these companies. Take At&t for example. Did you know they only have to offer half of what they advertise? This leads to so much abuse. 75mbps, they oy have to legally give 45.1 and 6-8 up. So from someone who had also the 45 plan and have seen the speeds at 45 I'm asking myself wtf... I know I'm not the only o e whose noticed the artificial speed tests. The company says use our speed test on out website or use speed

I can't say it for sure... But something tells me it is as diabolical as it seems. You pay for something and when you turn the other way they don't give as much as you pay for. For this reason I'm using measurementlab (neubot) and testmynet. I asked the office of the president... Why don't you just bump up the plan so the minimums are delivered... The guy is a total hustler.