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Bitch At Your Senators About Net Neutrality


Dr Jerome Corsi, formally of, now DC Bureau chief for infowars has written a great series on Net Neutrality and it's chief backer George Soros.

Any regulation of the internet should be the by the FTC. They can break up monopolies like Google.
FCC loves monopolies and was happy as a clam for 50 years with ABC, NBC and CBS all saying basically the same narrative.


agreed. just that their stand against privacy is sort of, well, different in a way. in australia, they're keeping track of things, in china, they're just trying to ban stuff like proxies an vpns so it gets harder for people to figure out how they can stream youtube or browse facebook.


That's because their only priority, like a lot of other ISP's, is business customers.

Having a higher package does not guarantee you speediness nor reliability. As bandwidth is routinely siphoned off residential areas to cater to the business customers' needs.

Basically, see what time of packet latency you are getting, and then get the minimum amount of bandwidth that will do the job for you. If you want a good idea of what you should actually pay for, wait for peak hours and run speed tests, because that's about all the provider can get you when they're at capacity. Anything over that and it will not sustain itself during peak/ high usage, and you will not be a happy customer.


Then they need to meet their terms and conditions. "Up to" ain't gonna cut it. If a company knowingly delivers speeds that aren't what you pay for or they advertise there should be hell to pay.

Instead of advertising up to 75 they should just advertise the average this way people can have better expectations. It's brilliant actually cuz then a customer could watch their speed jump up to 75 or 60 and certain occasions. But to pay for 75 and watch the speeds drop down all the way to 11 and 10 that's b*******