Big decision,would like to hear your thoughts

So I am in dire need of a new pc.My old one is pretty much worthless and almost dead(7 year old PC)

I have made 2 builds for my new PC.The first one Haswell based and the second one is FX based

  So my question is what do u guys think is better

  i5 4670 with a  ASrock z87extreme4 motherboard or FX8320 with a  ASrock 990FXextreme4 motherboard ?
Or should I maybe wait for the next gen Steamroller ?


4670, or 4670k?

I have heard the Asrock Extremes are very thin boards so consider this for cooler on the CPU (weight).

No not the K version,4670

Why Haswell if I can ask? Ivy bridge might save you some money if you dont need the limited extras the new chipsets provide...

Originaly I intended to make and Ivy bridge build
But since that platform is dead and won't have much room for upgrades it's better to get Haswell
The price difference is really small,at least it is in the store in my country where I plan to buy it
So it's pretty much the same thing,but the 1150 platform has room for upgrading  

Any reason you are getting the extreme4 Mobo for a CPU that can not be over clocked?

Guess most people build to a budget which could be from $500 up to $3000 so it would be useful if you gave a budget else its kinda natural to help people save money

Haswell is dead too, just like Ivy and Sandy.

This was what I was going to say also - this is the end of the line for the current CPU's if you really want to get the next big thing you will need to wait for Skylake or Skymount, and even then they might just be smaller and hotter :(

Iv owned 2 asrock extreme boards and been extremely unimpressed with them, If you can, go for an asus board, they are WORLDS better

Well I would be getting everything under retail price and I was going with what that store has to offer and that motherboard seems like the best way to go from what I have to choose from 

If it makes any difference to you guys I might as well go with the K version,but I don't think I will need to OC  

Do not generalize; Asus makes some boards that are just as bad as the low-enh Asrock boards, and Asrock makes some boards that are even better than the ROG boards.

Well the joy of the K edition is that at any point in the future you can OC if you want so not limited would be a better upgrade than changing the whole CPU etc.

On the ASrock subject.My current motherboard is ASrock,it's not a highend board neither and in the 7 years of 10 + hours each day of work I have never ever had a single issue with the board

   And to be honest about the build,I am leaning on the FX choice more then the Haswell/Ivy one  But the fact that Steamroller should be out in the next 6 months or so,and the fact that the current fx motherboards are pretty old,is really bugging me


My comments on the extreme 4 are on that particular mobo and not ASrock.

I am planning my next build and its hard to choice a CPU that is going to stand above my current 2500K @ 4.6ghz for the money :( 

But yeah its always good to have the bug to upgrade :)

That comment was for matrox02 
Guess I should have replayed to his comment...newbie mistake :p

I'm pretty much in a deadlock between get the FX now or wait and see when will Steamroller come out
The problem is that I rly need a new pc,I can't do anything with this one

The FX is good but the boards are old,there are no news about witch socet will Steamroller use,in either case when it comes out,a new motherboard series will come out

So getting anything right now doesn't leave much room for future upgrades  

Personally I would go with a solid ivy bridge build with a K edition something like the 3570K on a fairly straight forward Mobo, SSD (samsung 840 250GB) and some low CAS 1600 memory and a good video card. You can later port the GPU and SSD. This would sort you out cheap in the meantime and you can save towards a bigger build in the near future once the new generations are out and settled (dont buy straight way)

Well in this particular store I could go with i5 3570K,Asrock z77ex4,XFX HD7870,some corsair 2x4GB 1600Mhz memory 
As for ssd-s they only have corsair,ocz and kingmax 

you could over clock that CPU with some easy guide (its not hard) and it would let you play all current games at 1080 with med - high at 30+ fps so its the price it right and you can plan your next build in the back ground why not.

Personally I would got for a OCZ vertex if thats an option.

Exactly how is the latest platform dead?