Best web browser?

I tried Chrome but i didn't like it. I currently use Opera on Windows 10. Open to new things.

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LOL no, probably something like Prism used to be. Put an ad blocker in it and just open a sole webpage. I like the webkit browsers like steam has.

I personally use Firefox with ublock.


The only browser that has worked well for me is Google Chrome. I have tried many and still go back to this.

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Same here. Chrome all the way. Best integration, feels the fastest, simple looks, and I just seem to have the least issues with it. I've been using it as my main since it came out. People complain that it's a RAM hog, but I have 32GB in my desktop, 16GB in my laptop, and 8GB in my work computer, so....yah. No worries there.

Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone have issues running Chrome unless they're at like 2GB of RAM or less. But this particular teacher also had MacKeeper and some other malware on her computer, and she was using a first-gen 11" MacBook Air base model. Any computer that's up to par with the standards today should be able to handle Chrome just fine.

I've always had issues with YouTube in Firefox, as well as the passwords not being saved properly.

IE and Safari are a no-go. I absolutely HATE the layout and menus in Safari. I would honestly rather use IE if I had to choose between the two.

Edge was alright, but nothing too special, and too simple looking. Opera looked a little nicer, but still nothing that made me wanna switch away from Chrome.

That is like asking what is the BEST flavor of ice cream. What I like may not be what you like. The only way to know is to try them all and see what you prefer.

I do not like software that tries to simplify the user interface by hiding all the controls. I want to see every menu and functional button exposed at all times. That is what is easy for me. Firefox starts in easy mode, but now I know how to revert to old school mode. The bad side of Firefox is it has problems with Flash (they are cutting support soon) and Javascript locking the browser. And it is a memory hog.

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I've played around with Vivaldi a bit and I like it. It's not quite far enough along yet to make me switch from chrome but once it is I think it will become a strong contender.

Google Chrome. I tried others in the past, but I always ended up using Google Chrome

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Firefox by far, others have falied me since I cannot configure them like I can with about:config plus less hassle then the others. That and it's opensource.


Firefox has been my main browser for ages. But I've been using Vivaldi for a few months now more and more and it's quite fast and it does whatever I need it to do. Looks rather nice as well. I might make a full switch at some point.

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I used Chrome for the longest time, even to the point where I couldn't see myself moving over because it was convenient. After recommendations from people on here I moved over to Firefox with a few secure add-ons, making my surfing safer and a better experience.

Firefox every day. Actually I run Firefox Next aka Firefox Beta branch. No issues. running uBlock and ghostery. I have less RAM usage under Firefox.

Firefox because Chrome eats my shitty 4gbs of ram I have on my laptop.

Google Chrome because I'm lazy.

Firefox, because Google is nice to have as a search engine, but nowhere near as comfortable for me as Firefox. Firefox has that nice, open-source vibe to it, whereas Google Chrome, whilst also being Open Source, has that annoying nudge in the back of your head that, oh, everything you do has to be through Google. Not to mention that it is an inefficient resource-hog.

I wish I could find out what stupid shenanigans are being pulled by Microsoft that makes Firefox delay its opening time on SSDs, because on mechanical hard drives of all things, it is even faster opening up than Chrome on an SSD. I've never been able to wrap my head around it.

Brave Browser is the #1 go to browser for me. If Brave fails to deliver i fall back to Chrome/Chromium.

Firefox or Vivadi might be a good thing to try.

I would suggest firefox as mozzila is a more trustworthy developer and the fact it is free software make it transparent and more secure compared to others. It has some performance issues compared to chrome but it they are not that bad and has a pretty good set of features and plugin support as well.

Chrome is no doubt the "best" browser not taking into consideration things that are subject to opinion, however I like Vivaldi for everyday use and Chrome for power use

I always use firefox w/ adblock and publicfox plugins. It's plenty fast, open source, and I like to configure the UI to suit my needs.

Here's a comparison of some web browsers to help you decide:

my political stance on browsers
never chrome

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