Best web browser?

Invested a great many years to firefox. I can't live without my personal fav extensions...and add-ons. Can't get past the data mining in google anything. Vivaldi is new but is not as developed as i would like.

Firefox and Vivaldi are both good.

Just downloaded Vivaldi 30 minutes ago, already fallen in love. I've been looking for an alternative to chrome for a while now, and firefox is far too buggy as it stands to fully switch to.

So far it looks like i'll be switching to Vivaldi full time, so far this browser looks amazing. Love the customization, already recommending to friends.


I played with it a few weeks ago, was great.

Short answer; basicly there isnt such a thing as "the best" webrowser.
Because its basicly a matter of personal preference.
People use whatever works best for them.

For anyone who is curious, here is some good info on the under-the-hood differences in browsers.

The render engine used makes a difference in ram usage and performance, etc. and could be something worth looking at when comparing browsers. AKA Firefox uses a different engine from Chrome/Chromium/Safari. So if you really want to get into the details check out the link. Figured someone might like the info.

Actually, I believe Mozilla is in the middle of implementing their new rendering engine, Servo, which was developed with their language Rust.

Here is a video comparing it against multiple engines.

You can view that demo here.

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May sound strange, but I've been enjoying the Firefox Developer edition. A few extra tools I like, and I like to live on the EDGE.

I also like the look of the UI more, as dark themes on my Linux machine causes font issues.

And it's open-source.

Firefox as a whole is open source. As for themes, is your font issue where it becomes a light color against light colors?

Here's a fix for that.

Oh yeah I know, two reasons I don't do it.

  1. I am incredibly lazy.

  2. I tend to distro hop, so it would get annoying to keep changing it. Of course I could back up those changes, but I'll forget it at some point and accidentally delete it.

I noticed a few people say they use Chrome because they're lazy. But neither Chrome or Firefox are installed in Windows by default, so what makes Chrome the lazy option?

No idea.

Maybe it's easier to sign into your google account for syncing than Firefox Sync?

On the Linux side, Flash is provided by default, and DRM sites like Netflix work out of the box. ( Though that is changing)

^ That sounds snarky, but I am a Firefox user, so I'm just guessing these are the reasons.

Well, it use to be the first browser to support 60FPS Youtube, and had good support for different filetypes such as webms (Which firefox had issues with at the time, or at least for me.) but at this point it's a personal preference. Google integration and such.

Edit: Netflix, yeah. I don't use that though, I have an OpenELEC / Kodi install on my Raspberry Pi with some "streaming" addons for my content.