Best way to crack the password and username on tplink router?

first of all i live in the same house as the router is my brother has locked me out and says he hasnt changed the password or username so im trying to get on it to stop him from killing the internet in my house
its a N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit VDSL2 Modem Router
Model No. TD-W9980 i was thinking of downloading kail linux and setting it up to find the password because i think it has that capability? or am i wrong and if you guys know a good way of doing this cheers :D

Kali does have the capability. But it might be easier and quicker to just hardware reset it.

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You don't.

just reset the router


i would but it takes a bit of time to re config everything to get it connected to the internet

why could you explain more?

How are you going to download kali if you can't get on the router lol

Yeah you could get kali and then watch some videos on youtube and do it. It already has all the software you'd need. otherwise put ddwrt on that router and lock him out of it lol

because I personally find it a little inappropriate and childish to do such a thing.
If you are interested in it generally you can look if there is a backdoor built into your router, or just bruteforce your way in

lel i can get on the internet but the dns we use comodo for somereason blocks links and anyother method of shortening links

I found out by chance while working with a client's TP-Link ADSL gateway that non-admin users are able to telnet to the TP & execute a script to raise the access level of a 3rd account (obviously neither the account currently logged in nor the admin account you have no password for).

The script runs at root privilege by default, regardless who executes it. So, use numpty1 account to make numpty2 account, SSH in as numpty1, run script against numpty2 to grant root, log in as numpty2... apres vous...

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You could use hydra or a vulnerability in the router. However my point was it may actually take less time reconfiguring the router so it would be quicker doing that.

ill try that after i find out how long it would take for kali to crack it open

I guarantee you that it will take you way way way more time to brute force attack a password. Like orders of magnitude longer than re-setup the net config.

I assuming of course that you scenario is real, have you tried the default passwords for the router ? if you use google you should be able to find list of default p/w for manufactures. Or is it is net access you need does your router support WPS ?. Could you spoof the mac addy of you wifi card and try and reconnect ?

If this an experiment "for personal interest" you need to think about things like acquiring a dictionary to brute force attack. These things depending on the power of the machine running can take days or weeks. So do you home work, there are lots of resources out there.

Check this out

Good Luck


Add to that the time it takes to crack a web interface, it can only take so many requests per second, it may limit requests. It's not the same as breaking a hash which its self can take weeks depending on the hash at millions of guesses a second.

How exactly is it killing the internet in your house?

i dont know what hes done but the speed keeps going slow for no reason at all before he messed with it i was getting around 4mbs on steam now im getting around 2mbs

if the router has wps. get the wps pin off the router and connect that way. if he is just mac blocking you then you can spoof your mac. web interface may be the hardest. there are some exploits for some routers, but it depends on firmware version. look into reaver/pixie-wps if your router has wps. pixie-wps is preferred, because it is a offline attack.

Is that on a wired, or wireless connection?

It is possible that he is setting a download cap for clients on the network. This is not necessarily a bad thing; as if the network is congested, and it was provisioned properly, now everyone can get a 'chunk of the pie' as opposed to one person getting >75% of the bandwidth.

I myself have done such a thing. I limit my clients on the network to use no more than 75% of the total available bandwidth. I have a very busy network, and this ensures that there will always be enough to go around.

For example, if my brother and I are downloading a game or streaming media content, the download will take all the bandwidth, for this is reason, now both can be used together without major issue.

Furthermore, if your brother changed wifi settings, then ask him what he changed them to. It is possible, in a popular area that neighbors routers are interfering if the wifi bands were not set up properly.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors at play here. I would highly advise you against cracking the network; as that would take weeks of your time, and not be a pleasant process. Instead lets try to work through this issue.

Sauce: Network Technician.

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What you get from the steam server doesn't mean your internet is slowing down; use to know for sure.

Further still, if your internet is randomly slowing down, most likely it's someone in your neighborhood taking all the bandwidth at your node.

Also, are you wired to it or over wifi?

If you need in, just hardware reset it and set it back up.

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Does your brother pay for the internet? If no you could just talk to your parents as your brother has no right to mess with the internet.