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Best Steam Game for $25 USD or Lower

have 25 this week and was seeing if any new special gems out there for 25 dollars that are interesting or popular?

Hmm are you looking for something new? Maybe you should post the link to your steam profile so we dont recommend games you already have

please mind the cringe bio

skyrim, witcher, mad max, mount and blade, total war, terreria, dark souls

I like the steam "on sale" updates on my phone for games marked "interested"
then when a half-off sale hits i'm there:)

the first banner saga is free now afaik

there's also:
Pit people
Sunless sea
Brothers: a tale of 2 sons









Not on steam

Mount and Blade on steam is on sale and GOG

also @apt-get_update do you have 25 bucks or 25 in your steam wallet.... updated

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Empire Total War. Logged over 1000 hours between a few accounts, perfect game and when you add dark mod you can triple troop sizes.



I got a thing at the mo for "The Talos Principle" I picked it up primarily because there was a Vulcan version and it ran on Linux. So a game I got just to test and look at from a technical point of view has be hooked.

It's pretty to look at and has some fiendish puzzles and a story that I have yet to figure out completely.

This is a fantastic game.

Warning: Controller heavily recommended. Ye Olde Nintendo level hard. Great music tracks, and a pretty world (for pixel art).

You have to beat it once then replay it to start getting story related to it.


Or something different? /retro?
(Overall 97% positive, that says something lol)

Not a AAA title, but consistently on the top 10 games with the most players in game is Unturned. It is free or $5 for Gold upgrade. Given the price and how often it gets updated compared to most free games, I would consider it one of the best. I have well over 800 hours invested over the years.

I also rarely pay full price. I usually load up my Steam wallet and buy things half price or lower as suggested above. Diablo 3 was and will be the last game I pay full price for. Buying AAA titles and associated hardware is a tax on the impatient.

TF2 Rimworld Banished CSGO Age Of Empire 2 HD

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Oh boy... Here we go...
Serious Sam 1-2-3-4-5-etc...
Skyrim standard edition because fuck Bethesda's greed
Roller Coaster Tycoon 1,2 and 3,
Caesar III
Disciples 2 and all expansions
Torchlight 1,2 or both
Dark Souls 1... Not 2 or 3... Just 1..
Stardew Valley
Prison Architect
Rocket League
The Guild of Dungeoneering
Mark of the Ninja
Cheap ass games:
One Finger Death Punch
Paper Sorcerer
Unholy Heights
Papers Please
Mini Metro
Defense Grid 1
Viscera Cleanup Detail

Sorry for the wall of text. This is like half my library and wishlist... All of them are great games.


Murder Miners is a good one, and it's only $1

The Forest -$14.99

Graphics - Legit on the level of crysis games
Gameplay - You crash land on a cannibalistic island and the natives (cannibals) take your son. build camps, cook food, make traps, combine weapons, do anything you can to find your son. Local and online co-op modes

scary at times, especially at night. those fuckers are sneaky.

All in all, the game is still in Alpha and being updated constantly. Never ran into a game breaking or crashing bug. It's pretty solid. Very fun and worth $15

Chivalry, Insurgency, Age of Empires II, Factorio, Battlerite, Magicka, you can play all of these games with your friends and have lots of fun :)

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  • Factorio
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Omnibus
  • Magicka
  • Stardew Valley
  • Besiege
  • Recettear
  • Trine
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Next to Overwatch, I'd say Empyrion is my favorite game of 2016:

This is a really fun space survival game that's constantly getting new updates. Fantastic dev team and community. I know a lot of other people on L1 play this as well, so you could probably have some fun multiplayer experiences too. :)