Best PSU brand out there?

Whats PSU brands do you rate or hate? And what rating of PSU do you endorse? Bronze, Silver, or Gold?

Are they generally the same  for all builds? Would you use the same PSU on a basic build compared to a gaming rig in terms of rating or power consumption?  

Let me know what you think. 


Rate: Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, Lepa, Enermax, Silverstone, rosewill

Hate: Ms-Tech, Codegen, Coolermaster (GX series), and some other cheap units..

About certification,  i dont botter to much about it, as long as its 80+ bronze or better.

In general, I would use a nice XFX or seasonic, 500w, bronze certified unit for every build, unless SLI or crossfire is being used.

I would go with everything that was tested and was rated good/very good the brand doesn't really matter to me. But if i had to choose i would say Be quiet!, cause it's a "Deutsches Qualitätsprodukt".

Rate: Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, NZXT, FSP Group

Hate: Rosewill, anything that comes pre-installed

I go for 80+Gold on all power supplies if I can.If I can get cleaner power for only an extra couple of dollars I am fine with that. If it's for a rig I plan on working with I use a Seasonic X650 since it works great for my purposes, my parents' desktop has a Corsair 430W unit because it's what I had leftover, and my brother has a 450W unit since he doesn't game at all, but his case is small and his power supply was the cheapest modular one I could find at the time.

Um, I thought be quiet! power supplies are rebranded Seasonic units and aren't actually German at all. The company may be German, but the power supplies are from Southeast Asia like the rest of them.

rosewill is nice, i have a 750watt gold that's been holding it down. just gota read the reviews.

Seasonic,Lepa,Silverstone,Enermax,super flower,antec.

I usually go by this as a reference of what to expect

thanks yous

I usually go by this as a reference of what to expect

Nice to see my cheap Seasonic M12 is in tier 2 solid unit.

Stay away from Powmax 

That list realy doesn´t say anything to me. lol ☺

I find it odd no one has said a word about evga PSU's. I got my EVGA NEX750B for $50 (with mir) it works great.

I've had good experiences with "BeQuiet!" a german brand. They're a bit expensive but they come with really nice fans and are whisper quiet, hence the name. Also they have good build quality and an excellent warranty. I think they are hard to find in the US though.

Here is some happy photos of a "BeQuiet!" psu.

You be happy? or you be Quiet!?,2913-12.html

this is being printed out and stuck to my psu when i get home

That reminded me that I think Super Flower is the best personally. There is too much for me to go into explaining about them right now, so I ask you look them up if you disagree or are interested, and remember that it is a personal opinion. 

i think Linus like's it ;)

Where on the site you posted does it say that this is a BeQuiet PSU? It just says "PSU damage" as the picture description. It's totally possible that they had problems with the P6 series, but the E9 and E10 series both had very good reviews. They also come with a 5 year warranty and an instant replacement as soon as you report the damage.