Best PSU brand out there?


don't tell people that be quite is bad on that example. The thread refers to one kind of PSU they made a while back. be quite is not as bad as you make them look. 


I'm sorry for linking to another forum but Shilka made an impressive Info thread about PSU's

you can find almost everything you wanna know about different brands out there. 



Super Flower Power is fantastic!

"When you only have the likes of Seasonic to really compete with for performance, and yet can beat all their prices, you've got it made, bub. "

OklahomaWolf from about SuperFlower Leadex Gold 750W (

The brand I can recomend is Enermax. I had multiple burns of Motherboards ( exploding capacitors ) RMAed the mobo, put all the old components in and it worked. Im rocking a 650W modu for 5 years now and it serves me more then well.

Enermax is one of the better OEMs, for sure. They're the OEM for most of Lepa's units, especially at the high end. Some strange design choices, but overall, great units, with amazingly low ripple.

I've got Super Flower Golden King. It got amazing reviews and I figured I'd go for a Platinum PSU, why not. Cost a bit but less than Seasonic's top tier.