Best Linux music player according to you

So I have been looking for a great linux music player. I was using windows media player 12 and that was amazing for me. Could handle my libraries pretty well, the playlist making was great. Used itunes as well and I liked it but liked media player more.

So I would like to know which music player are you using on linux? and how stable is your music player in handling large libraries?

I personal like DeaDBeeF its pretty stable and imports my music pretty quickly it also has quit a few plug ins you can enable as well.

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I enjoy banshee. It rips my cd 's very well and isn't overly complex. I don't know how large other peoples libraries are, but I am getting near 300gb of flacs and few mp3's and banshee runs without trouble.

I should check it out, liked the screenshots. How good is it at sorting files?

Mpd + Ncmpcpp. Handles large libraries fine.



I installed a ton of them and ended up using Clementine and Banshee the most. I really like the android controller for Clementine. However, my favorite is still Foobar and I got it running fine in WINE.


I like Audacious, it's simple and gets the job done. Works well with large libraries as well.

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Now that you mentioned CMUS, I started looking into it. Looks like a neat program, thanks for pointing it out.

I am currently trying out this music player called quod libet. Quite impressing to be honest.

+1 one for clementine especially if you listen to any streaming or Internet radio it has a ton of plugins. If you used KDE it integrates really well with the DE.

...........VLC? I can open streams, open broadcasts, movies, and about any audio file you can think of....

Yeah, I'm boring, suck on it.

+1 for Clementine and Banshee as well... They both work great, its just a matter of personal preference as to which you should use in my opinion.

I personally use Banshee the most.

Exaile is good, nice simple way of working and fast

Everyone go over to the new Winamp site and harass them for an oldschool version of winamp on linux. :)

That I wouldn't know I don't have a very big music library. I do know that it can take a bit to set up but you can add album art and it try's to keep things in alphabetical order it just has some issues with sub folders

I was wondering if the terminal music players can create playlists.

Clementine in generally is my favorite.

Foobar is very good too running both on windows and wine on Linux..

Problem with clementine is that it crushes on me for god knows what reasons.......

I use tomahawk.

I like banshee a lot too. But they need to overhaul their GUI. They have had basically the same program for the last 2 years without any real improvement.