Best CPU cooler for £60 ($85)? *CPU melting noises*

*Long story short, what's the best CPU cooler out there for £60 ($85) at the moment?
I'm in the UK if you can find any DEALS
I'm not asking for the best "bang for your buck" here, but for the cooler that'll give me the best thermals in that price range (within reason, I mean if it's something like a £20 difference for <5 degrees cooler in benchmarks, I'll go for the cheaper).
Clearancewise, I have the corsair obsidian 650D (so, 185mm)... and corsair vengeance pro RAM.
Oh yeah, I'm on 1150.

I Could probably push it up to £70 if there's a big performance increase for <£10.

Will order the said cooler in just under two weeks from now unless there's a better solution.
I'd like to take this whole ditching-the-stock-heatsink malarkey as an opportunity to begin my magical trip down the path of overclocking too FYI. :)


*Here's the "long" story if you fancy a read:

So, I recently acquired my first GPU... and I'm still using the intel stock heatsink (hangs head in shame). It had been doing fine, but what I didn't anticipate was the fact having a GPU would have an extremely detrimental effect on the airflow around that tiny stock heatsink.
Like, a +10/20 degree difference for my poor 4790K when I'm rendering stuff out in blender (using all eight threads, anyway).
My solution to this in the meantime is to just use 4 or maybe 6 threads at once to render stuff out, but it still hits the 90s (eek!). cooler master hyper evo 212 for sure super cheap and great cooling for the price i think it can fit in your case not sure but it should

There's definitely better stuff out there than the 212 EVO...

Currently looking at the NH-D14 and NH-D15, but the colours... :/

Was going to ask if it's compatible with my RAM (vengeance pro) but noctua are nice and have this.

Probably the NH-D15, though looking at it's a bit more than £70, for that price you can get the NH-D14 (£64).

Argos??? Sorry, I'm just surprised to see these things in Argos.|category_root|Technology|33006169/c_2/2|33006169|Laptops+and+PCs|33007795/c_3/3|33007795|Desktop+computer+components|33400241/c_4/4|cat_33400241|Desktop+computer+fans+and+cooling|33400375.htm

Any of the big and heavy "twin tower" coolers really. Cryorig is a new player that got nice reviews lately. Here's a review of their R1 Universal

I'd recommend the Scythe Kotetsu £29.95 (Amazon) performs better than the Noctua NH-D15 at more than half the price.

Silent PC Reivew

I'm using it to cool my 5820K @ 3.8Ghz (38-44C)

lol, wow. Crikey... Argos.
They've only got the corsair Hydro series there anyway, and all the AIOs at £60 will be nowhere near as good as say, an NH-D14.

Looking here (Noctua NH-D14) and here (Cryorig R1), the noctua's quieter (well, duh, it's noctua).
Considering it's the same price I think I'll stick with the NH-D14.

@furryface, those benchmarks are at idle. It's the load temps I'm worried about. I'd be happy with something that was 60 degrees at idle, and was like +/- 5 degrees from that all of the time (inc at load) if such a thing existed.

A lot better thermal performance on the Cryorig though, almost 20 C difference. If you want low noise, get a be quiet! Dark Rock 3 or similar. Or just turn down the fans on the Cryorig with you your motherboard controls.

about the same in this particular test but more than £60

edit, no im looking in the wrong place , difference is large 7c worse on the AIO

I wouldn't trust one of those as it wont cool teh vrm's and whatnots

noctua nhd14 about that price, best youll get,
but the hyper212 evo is a third the price, and is really not that far behind
ive owned multiples of both in my day.
they are both pretty large. the noctua being FUCKING HUGE.
ive had my i5-2500k to 5.0 ghz on that d-14 before

anf the evo

I ran some benchmarks, since It's been on my todo list for this new build... anyway I took a note of the temps.

Keep in mind your 4790K is an 88W CPU, mine has 140W TDP

Below are Peak Max Temps (5820K @ 3.8GHz)
3DMark: 64C
Realbench: 63C
Intel Burn Test: 70C

CPU Fan never went above 1000 rpm so couldn't hear a thing from my H440.

Having a serious look into the cryorig now.
There's a good review of it here (the R1 ultimate, actually) putting it up against the NH-D15, H100i, Phanteks TC14PE and some zalman thing. It wins... matching at idle and beating the NH-D15 by a couple degrees (tbf, within margin of error) at load. It being louder was a problem only really because the extra noise doesn't seem too worth the marginal performance increase...

...HOWEVER, at amazon right now, they only sell the NH-D14 (something)2011 (which is you can't guess by the name only fits socket 2011, lol). You can get a bracket for this but it's sold by amazon for £20 (lolwut?). The NH-D15 with the bracket for fitting it to 1150 is sold on amazon, but from a seller in Germany. For £55ish (inc shipping).
The Cryorig R1 ultimate is £60 at amazon atm. From a seller in the same country as me. Hopefully, therefore, with better delivery. Considering the marginal performance increase from the NH-D15 (not even the NH-D14) AND the fact that the delivery'd be better, I'd reckon it's worth the extra £5.

lol, ikr. 5GHz?! Sholy hit.

I see your point about it being significantly cheaper but

The Cryorig R1 universal beats it in literally all of the thermal tests on that second link.

Sorry for not replying earlier!

Only by 2-3C and the Scythe Kotetsu does it with minimal noise.

Although that website states 35-45 dB(A) I don't know how they got that?
Silent PC Review has it's max at 12V (29 [email protected]) and I attest to it's quietness, I can't hear mine (even under load).

I recommended it based on the thermal to noise performance not the price, that's just a nice side benefit :)

OK, I think considering I said

And it's like a £30 difference for <3 degrees better cooling... it's winning.
At amazon, here.
It seems a bit dubious though. How does it do so well?

Btw, what were your ambient temps when doing those tests?

Scythe have been around a very long time, they know how to make CPU coolers.

The CPU was idling @ 44C, and the room would have been around 20.5C as it is now.

OK, I've been getting a bit confused between the R1 ultimate and R1 universal.

At the link @furryface supplied, here,'s the R1 universal, so the R1 ultimate will be even better than that... and the benchmarks are at idle (didn't realize earlier, was 2AM at the time). So, it could be the same at idle but it might not handle as much heat as well.

Due to the lack of credibility to the schythe kotetsu (can't find any benchmarks of it at load on the same rig as a benchmark of a R1 ultimate). I think I'll probably stick with the R1 ultimate.

I probably got a bit distracted by the noise aspect. It obviously could be a dealbreaker but I doubt it'll be a problem with the R1 ultimate. I haven't seen any horror stories yet.

I now realise why @Pholostan recommended the R1 universal, RAM clearance.
The corsair vengeance pro heatsinks are 44mm high. R1 ultimate fits up to 35mm.
The R1 universal is £5 more too. Still worth it it seems anyway.

You can do a ton with cooling for $85. To start people are most likely going to instantly go strait for the Noctua coolers like this : Or if your like me and Im not big on over clocking you can get a 120mm rad like this: .

Good Luck and hope that your cpu doesnt fry!