Best brand coffee

best brand of coffee to drink black?

Uh... I find Blue mountain coffee quite nice for either cold drinks (rum inside) or in the morning instead of tea

I've been on Chock Full o' Nuts lately.  It's "New York's favorite coffee" for a reason ehy?

I like Foldgers and Green Mountain Coffee

Douwe Egberts. Unrivaled.

End of discussion.

Found this odd brand called "Rocket Fuel". Its basically like double shot espresso with other ingredients that you'd normally see in energy drinks. Not the best tasting but nice and a good thing if you really need a pick me up.

However on taste, I'd agree with Egnappahz.

I like a full city roast, aeropressed, in the mornings :)

I usually roast it myself, but if not, I grab something from CoffeeTimes.

I used to drink Illy but now drink Lavazza but this is just at home

peet's coffee is pretty tits.

I use fresh ground beans in one of these 

There is no better coffee than buying the beans and haveing them ground in front of your eyes.

Packet coffee suks.

LaVazza ground in a blentec blender and brewed in a Bialetti moka express.

Sometimes I use a saeco machine. That's good too.


Any coffee not brewed in this way is an insult to humanity.

Wow, pretentious much? I'd like you to say that to the elderly woman from Wondo Genet Ethiopia who hand roasted her beans over an open coal fire, hand ground them with Mortar and pestle, and then brewed it in a traditional clay coffee pot (no filtering at all) before serving it to me?

Ethiopia INVENTED drinking coffee, IMHO Ethiopia grows THE BEST beans.

You should try coffee the traditional way. Just as any green tea drinker should try a japanese tea ceremony. 

My favourite 'store bought' coffee beans are probably Ethical Bean or LevelGround (both Canadian). If I go out, I live in Vancouver, trendy asshole coffee shops are not in short supply. XD

It has as much to do with how you make it as which brand. I have been in the industry for 15 years fixing beverage equipment. The company I work for has over 100 different types to choose from. A good place to start is buying whole bean and grinding it your self. And so you know, more than half the people making your espresso type drinks don't have a clue. I like a Medium Roast, must be arabica bean, ground chunky, and a large portion of it. My favorite Brand of all competitors would be Illy. That said even the Blue Mtn. taste like shit if not brewed correctly.

P.S. The Cat shit coffee is not that good.

My favorite is Dunkin Donuts coffee. In my opinion its the best around!

Currently im in love with Palombini - Grani Bar Dolce Italia.

Call me old-fashioned but I really like Folgers Coffee. They've been proving quality coffee for years and you gotta be good to be in the business that long. Who hasn't tried Folgers yet? Here's where you can find some at great prices- 

You know his method of brewing is actually very common. It's actually the go-to method for a great budget cup of coffee. Just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean it's automatically pretentious.

Same here Palombini was nice and i am wondering how they are doing it.Lately i just bought my new coffee machine in at Finland country and i am thinking explore the coffee a lot and hope to make a very good coffee soon.

Best coffee recipe:

Intelligentsia out of Chicago, fresh ground, brewed in all glass vacuum pot (or in a french press in a pinch).  Add 1 part heavy cream, 1 part Kalua, 2 parts vodka.  Shake with ice and serve with shaved dark chocolate.  Coffee optional.

The coffee to live by. Not only does Jacobs coffee have a rich and full flavor, but it is a low acidic coffee. The coffee also comes in an vacuum pack which greatly extends the self life of the coffee.

I enjoy any coffee, however, because you can't enjoy the best if you haven't had the rest. :) I'm always looking for the better cup of coffee, but I do love a cup of Folgers coffee for nostalgia. I grew up with Folgers and many of my fond memories are attached to that aromatic smell of a fresh brewed pot.