Best bang for buck 1440p experience?

Just what the title says. 

Evga GTX 760 4g SLI.

What's your opinion?

Id say 2x 7950 or 1x 7950. They have a 384bit memory interface and whooping 3 gb of vram, while also being less expensive than 2x 760. I have a single overclocked 7950 for 1440p and so far i didnt even have the desire to get a second one ( i havent played crysis 3 yet though)

+1 I think so too. The 7950 is definitely the bang for the buck in that category.

What about drivers, and customer support?


BTW 760 has 1g more then the 7950, and people are still having trouble with CF.

Crossfire is way better than before, and you can get 7950's for around $200 each, I just bought one. Also, drivers are crappy on both sides.

1g? You mean 1GB more VRAM? No the 760 has 2GB while the 7950 has 3GB. Drivers perform currently the same I'd say. I have no experience with the customer support on both sides as my products fortunately work flawlessly. (Until now at least)

He was saying if it would be worth getting two 760 4gb version's. 

No go for a single 7950/770/780.

The 760 is incredibly well geared to gaming at 1080p. I don't believe that it should be considered for 1440p under any circumstances.

If you want to use Nvidia, I think the 780 is the only balanced solution. However, two 7950s would cost less and have a greater level of performance.

4gb 760s cost 1.5x as much as a 7950 and offer the same level of performance in 1440p. 4gb vram might come in handy for 4k or multi monitor setups but for 1440p even 2gb is enough for skyrim ultra with mods.

See your points.

I've been a EVGA user for 10 years, never had 1 issue. Really wouldn't mind saving $200 going 7950 CF, but I'm not confident about there history.

EVGA has always been one phone call service with a great driver support.

IMO if GTX 760's we're the same price it would be a no brainer for 99% of the community.

If I got 7950 could you guarantee the same experience compared to EVGA, and if so what company?

Know there's a thread that already asked this question, but no comparing to EVGA.



If the 760 were the same price as the 7950, the answer would still be the same. You shouldn't even consider the 760 at that resolution, I wouldn't even consider the 760 in most cases. It is priced out of the market and easily beaten by the competition. The 7950 competes with the 770, despite the price difference.

Bad compasion. Linus is 100% correct, but his comparing 2g GTX to 3g AMD. Everyone knows anything higher then 1080p the extra VRAM matters.

Funny you say that, becuase Logan plus few other well knowns run Nvidia.


There's no performance enhancement with the 4GB 760. Not only that, but I seriously doubt that the 760 is powerful enough to utilise 4GB. In addition, 2GB is actually ok for 1440p. However, 3GB would be preferable. 4GB is a bit of a waste.

I know it isn't the same card, but it demonstrates my point. And the video Logan did with 760 SLI at 1440p, had those cards struggling to play any demanding games. Though, it was capable for some gaming, it didn't appear to be a worthwhile experience.

When you factor in that the 7950 is a better productivity card (if you wanted to do any editing), it really is the best all-round solution.

I know I sound like an AMD fanboy, but I just do not see the reasoning for 760s at 1440p. I actually use a 780 at 1440p, and I definitely recommend that card. It's an absolutely superb single card solution, but the 7950s cost less, and have greater performance.

If you really really really want the 760s, just grab the 2GB version.

Fanboyism is why people are still buying nividia. Look at the specs for the cards, the 7950 runs circles around the 760.  I don't understand why there are so many posts of people wanting the 760. I really got to hand it to AMD for their 79xx series and the prices are phenomenal right now. 

I only read his response and forgot his entry post. Darn it. I apologize.

Once again bad compasion. They're talking about 1080p not 1440p.

1440p uses more then 2g

760 2g is desgin for 1080p, and test shows it out preforms the 7950.

7950 has higher bus, yet the 2g GTX 760 had better performance in higher resolutions.

7950 is also noisier, hotter, and bigger to the 760.

Other then that they're even in performance(if AMD drivers perform properly)

See your fanboy and raise you actually facts.

Ok now.

Let's say the $50 is a big deal to me. (Asked this question before) What company is equaled to EVGA quality and customer service that carries 7950?

Don't get wrong I appericate the input, but still need proof that 760 isn't the better choice when it comes to the overall package.





the 760 is just a 660ti with different numbers

760 Is ~5% faster in gaming, However the 760 will get much more efficient with driver updates where as the 660ti is progressing much slower. 760>660 ti

Also by that logic a 650 is just a 770 with Different numbers too

Indeed, also the 7970 is alot cheaper than the 770 and is a tad ahead in performance overall.