Best Anti-Virus for 2015?

I've been using Avast this past year and renewal is coming up.

Thought I would start this thread to see if any one has a better suggestion for 2015? Would love to hear what @Logan and @wendell are using if any.

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My recommendation would be to go with NOD32 ... and if you cannot afford it: limited user + MSE.


I dont even use one i just to a sweep of the system once a fortnight but if you whant to pay for a AV NOD 32 is one of the best.

Webroot seems pretty decent.

For free, bitdefender free. Bitdefender is on par with kapersky and the free version uses the same software as the paid just less customization, so you get the same protection.

For paid, bitdefender or kapersky are very good.

Yea I was thinking switching to NOD 32. I will give it a run for 30 days then buy. Thanks for the other suggestions I will check them out too.

And keep em coming guys.

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For free: Avast is very competent.
For Paid: Kaspersky and Nod32 are both good paid options.

The difference between free and paid usually isn't protection levels but other features such as sandboxes and other tools on top of the usual shields and scanners.

My inner Linux troll wants to say use Linux.

But if you want to use Windows Avast and Malwarebytes aren't too shabby.

Using a live distro of Linux with ClamAV to scan is my fav.

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Try Gdata Internet Security, it's the best AV out there in my opinion. Pair it with Malwarebytes Antimalware, also try adding Adguard and WOT to your browser. Do this and your system should be secure from almost every virus out there.

Lol this is for the gaming pc...

Edit: and I use Mac osx on my notebook! /flamesuiton

Thanks for the extra options will take a look at Gdata and I already run MBytes

I'd be very careful with all av or similar types - especially in times like these. Your AV software might be the virus itself.

Panda's free AV is really good as well. I switched from Avast Free to Panda after the most recent versions because Avast isnt as good this year as it was 2 years ago. Paid - Bitdefender.

My go-to setup for people that want to use windows :

1) Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials. (if you use windows 8, it is installed by default)

2) Free edition of Malwarebytes to scan every couple weeks or so.

3) Turn on your windows firewall.

After that, it's up to not downloading stupid stuff from untrusted sources.


None. Learn to read what you install and don't install warez. Be smart.


Not sure what you mean by 'install warez' but warez forums are great.

You do realise that macs can get viruses right? As a mac owner myself I can vouch for this...

Generally speaking I dont run local AV in Windows, but I will run a firewall. Instead I just scan my system every so often with ComboFix and JRT from

I do mate, Just hardly ever.

I practice common sense on any platform. I like to have a solid AV on my PC as its more likely to fall pray to something dodgy at anytime regardless of best practice.

I don't feel the need for it on the Mac. I only mentioned the Mac to see if any Apple haters crawled out of the wood work. For a laugh!

These moment, KAV and it's very good for my opinion