Best 40" 4K monitor for under $1000 A399U or Crossover 434K

Exactly what the title says whats the best 40" 4k monitor I can get for around $1000 will go a little over but really don't want to.

Maybe the A399U 40" i think it cost around 600$

I know I have looked at it quite a bit just don't like the review on it where the power cord doesn't come off which isn't a deal breaker but what really does bother me is the lighting problem that Wendell pointed that goes all the way around the edge of the monitor he said he got used to it but it would bother the shit out of me. Plus they say it could arrive with dead pixels which isn't a returnable problem and I'm not ok with that at all it would rive me nuts. But its in the running.

I would also recommend the A399U. It is claimed to be better than most other non-korean monitors out there.

I swapped out the power cable for a standard power socket. if you have the port, you can do it in a couple hours. I have zero dead pixels. I adjusted the brightness to my liking, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. (except maybe the same model with Freesync)

As far as other monitors in that size range? Not many that are worth it.

Do you notice the light thing around the edges? How did you swap the power cable its a permanent one? I also was looking at the Crossover 434K any thoughts on that one it comes wit a remote and the stand looks much nicer it is also a LG pannel. I was reading that a guy had 5 stuck pixels when he got his A399U. They consider dead pixels a super bright pixel and if its black its a stuck pixel. I just had a laptop one time that had a couple black pixels on it I sold it immediately it made me "F"ing crazy bothered me so bad.

fuck, didn't wendell do a video on this, and also when you say moniter, how loss is that, because there are 4k tv's under 1 thou that have 60 hz inputs.

what do you have against the koreans? Also south or north? If south, PRAISE KIM JONG UN.

I haven't noticed the lighting problem really at all.

Are we still talking about 4k? Even if there is a stuck pixel it would be nearly impossible to see it.

yeah 4k still want to know if the Crossover 434k is better than the A399U? If I'm getting one of these leaves me a $400 to figure out what to spend it on.

go for the A399U, I have both, love both but favor the A399U. (i am talking about a A399U and Crossover 404K,) 43 is quite big. (IMO)

Whats the best input to use to connect to the monitor always have used HDMI but are others better?

Hi ! The best and only able to give 4K 60Hz id display port, either mini or regular. HDMI is limited tp 30Hz for HDMI 1.3 and 1.4; and HDMI 2.0 is up tp 60Hz.(very few around; nvidia is the only one, i believe.
The preferred is display-port.

Mhm...As i can see, no one mentions the Philips 4065UC, have anyone a chance to compare philips with some other side-by-side ? From what I know, 404k seems to be little bit different, but...only kind of, it's been said, it should have f.e. semi-gloss coating compared to the AMH/Philips, but on the other side I am really not sure if it is not a wrongly interpreted rumor, which was not clearly confirmed as I saw lately this vid (, the philips is not quite bad I think, even from what have I seen from the Logan's videos with the 4065uc in the background it has some angle of anti-glare effect, even a little one...even tho, I think I will wait for the Logan's comparison video, if there will be any

So difficult to have this beautiful monitors in touch, if you live in the Europe and we have availible only the 4065UC (~650€), while crossover 404k, AMH A399U is possible to buy just from the ebay and let's be honest, there is no chance it will not be "caught" and it will apply the tax and import fees, which would result in the 750€ with no problems :/

Hi If you have not made your move, maybe I have an alternative to get the A399U a little cheaper. But with UPS or Fedex Super Fast shipping (I had 3 monitors sent and they all made it within 5 days including reception at destination). The box is put through brokerage for sure ................:-(
IMO not too many of these boxes must go through un-noticed........
From what I have read, it seem that the Philips has a few issues, and some reviews indicate not to buy and the word <> is used.
I am not susceptible to PMW (it seems) and both the amh and crossover are nice monitors; but the monitor feeling , for me anyway, is with the A399U. As an example, when the monitor/system goes into sleep mode, the A399U wakes instantaneously, while the 404K takes almost 10 seconds. (CORRECTION 5 to 6 SECONDS)
The removal of the glass is quite recommended in my opinion, to reveal the full potential of the A399U.

Who did you buy from to get it in 5 days? I haven't bought it yet and was one of my concerns having to wait for it. I'm so used to Amazon Prime 2 day shipping. So your saying go with the A399U?

so were are you situated ? You were mentioning Europe ?
as far as monitors are concerned , yes if you are not sensitive to PMW, it seems it is a great concern, certainly to the affected people.

here is a duty calculator:

.yes Dreamseller. (got a connection)

ok europe was not you , sorry, got mixed up..................:-)

Florida US of A home of airboats and fried alligator mmmmmmm. Thats pretty sweet if I can get it in 5 days from them I just didn't see an option to upgrade shipping cause I have no problem paying more to get it sooner because when I upgrade my computer almost all the parts are Amazon Prime and ill be waiting to use everything on that.

the ups ship schedule was Busan to main airport, to Anchorage , to Louisville Kentucky, and from there for me it was Montreal but for you, florida, so maybe 4 days. Actually, ordered monday, shipped and left busan thuesday,arrived in anchorade wednesday and then to Louisville, arrived in Montreal Thursday, and Sherbrooke on friday. and that 3 times.

I am not sure they have faster shipping; considering the distance...hmmmmm, however US has trade agreement with korea, so maybe 3 days. (NOW THAT IS FAST).


in the time of a few seconds I moved to my A399U, darn, just love that screen; 404K is nice but this one make me connect graphically; I am a game tourist...........