Being shitty at devember, and crowdsourcing motivation (Day 0)

Alright so after slacking off and having family shit roll onto the scene I am officially late to Devember. Part of the challenge is consistency, and that’s why it’s referred to as a “challenge”. I think that ultimately I should probably expand the scope of what I set out is to “learn more java” however that isn’t a singular, definable goal. So with already failing to meet commitments made in a blood-pact with this forum I think the only way to expand my ability to do this is to post status updates daily, with at least a full paragraph of the shit I did for the hour minimum. I’m going to also set up notifications on my phone, so each and every message you send me will alert me to my failings. Deleted YouTube for other reasons, but the ultimate culmination is this, achieving something by the end of the month. Here goes nothing. (Also GitHub fork of app to be improved)

TL;DR: It’s 4 days past the start of Devember, going to actually post daily in the forum so you can yell at me.



You can do it!



Good luck OP. Seriously I wish you and the rest of humanity to achieve so much good before the new year comes. I know it all won’t happen but hey let us hope you get what you want done.


@omega_alpha_psi motivational bump :slight_smile:


I’m an almost complete noob tackling this Devember. I was very hesitant at first but I’m really happy I joined. I hope you can get your ball rolling and enjoy the momentum.

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