Battlefield 3 GDC11

here is the gameplay video from the GDC'11 and this time its the PC footage of the game not a console which i think is a good sign' however the graphics looks good the lighting looks really promising but the audio especially when the RPG went off so much depth in it. What do you think...?

Edit: i hope the story stays as good as it looks.

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Wow...BF3 is looking to be a killer game. The Battlefield series has always had amazing audio and BF3 looks to be no exception.

indeed but the only thing i didn't like in the video is that Follow pointer i don't want this to be another follow him heavily scripted game like call of duty.

Who cares of the singelplayer.. Battlefield 3 is the sucessor of Battlefield 2, which didnt even have a singelplayer with story. It looks and sound REALLY REALLY GOOD THO, can't wait!

I remember reading that this game was being developed for the PC [i]first[/i], and that makes me happy. It should be refreshing to play a new AAA title with proper PC support again.

BF3 MP info:


Lars Gustavsson: MP designer is part of DICE since 2000

Max players pc: 64 Consoles: 32

MP info:

F-16 and Su-27 spotted, modern helicopters, tanks

4 soldier classes, 5 accessories kits

Maps will be as big as in BF2

Dice promises more unlock-able weapons and tools, the look can be changed, better balanced ranking system

Hardcore mode: likely as it is popular

Commander mode: Very unlikely

Replay function: (aka Battlerecorder) Dice is testing it

Coop mode: Has been announced, but Dice also called normal matches vs bots coop mode too

Dedicated servers: Definitely

Prone: Yes. Dice wants to avoid dolphin diving[/quote]


ha freaking beast

Yes this game is going to be great they went on training with the marine core and recorded the sounds and have edited them into the game.Also they have made a new engine for the game as well.

Yeah, I like how DICE actually IMPROVES the games they make each time a new game comes. (cough cough COD series from 4 to 7)

Frostbite 3 will be sick. And I loved the sound effects and graphics in BFBC2, knowing that this will be even better :D:D:D:D

hearing that this game is a PC first then console second makes a little happy.

and after hearing that RPG sound made me go

Damn it...I can't watch the video. It says that youtube removed it.

it looks great, hope the campaign is decent, not enough shooters have good campaigns

I hope its half as good as the MoH SP was,is you havent played it i suggest you do. Its the best single player FPS game i have ever played.

that looks absolutely fantastic... far better than bad company 2, and that game looked great anyway. Sound is mindblowing as always... animation is far improved. RPG was sick, and now i have an erection. pumped for this badboy

I am definitely looking forward to this game.

Seems good, hopefully it has the same realism like Arma 2 :P

It wont. Battlefield series have never aimed to be realistic and it never will. Thats the way I like it :]

I have already pre-orded it

GreenSLi said:

It wont. Battlefield series have never aimed to be realistic and it never will. Thats the way I like it :]

yup thats how i like it too, not too realistic and not too arcade but balanced,

am more excited about this than Crysis 2.