Battlefield 3 GDC11

Even though its another shooter I so pumped for some reason.


I can't wait!

GreenSLi said:

It wont. Battlefield series have never aimed to be realistic and it never will. Thats the way I like it :]

When are you going to fix it?

I am telling you, 2011 is the year for games...So many good titles coming out. Is anyone here looking forward to Homefront? That looks amazing as well.

didn't feel like opening a new thread for one video so i will post it here

the new tech-demo gameplay video of battlefield 3 its an off screen recording but it delivers the idea.

lol it already got taken down

a new source for the tech demo [url=][u][b]CLICK HERE[/b][/u][/url] to watch

Ok so im wow'd, anyone play stalker clear sky? how they set the mood with the lighting and atomosphere, looks like this is happening and it looks amazing i think its a must buy!!!

I think this will be the game to make me get off of Windows XP.

Looks like i'll have to do another couple hundred upgrades to my rig..

Looks amazing though.