Battle For Wesnoth Server

Hey everybody,

I am trying to gather people to play some rounds of a great game called Battle For Wesnoth.  Its free and open source and has a ridiculous of free content available for download.  Its a turn based strategy game with a good deal of options and even has different level up paths for units.  I have a privae server and would like to get a game going for some time Saturday, I am on Eastern time by the way.  The server has text cha but I also have a Teamspeak server if we want to use it.  I am not sure how many people I can host but ya never know til ya try. I've got some rough rules posted below.  If there is any interest leave a comment and we will decide a time and era/map to play.  Wesnoth can be downloaded here if you don't have it  its also available on the Ubuntu Software Center if you use Ubuntu. You need version 1.10 to play on my server

Server Rules

  • Be polite
  • Respect other players
  • No whining
  • No bragging
  • Overall just act like a civilized person, please



Holy mother! This game. I have installed this on Linux like three times and never actually played it for more than five minutes. I'll try to make some times to try this out. 

I suggest playing The Orcish Incursion Campaign after you've done the tutorial. You get to play as the elves and their units are sweet! If you get good at it I suggest the Count Kromire addon because the vampire units are the best I've ever seen.  If you want to play Saturday let me know, I will be nice to the newbies lol

I will do this as soon as I finish a few videos! You, good sir, should add an avatar to your account so you can be epicer (new word). 

I would love to play! Haven't really had much practice lately as no one I know is really as into gaming as I am.

Do you by any chance know what ports need to be open to connect, as I'm behind a proxy with all UDP ports blocked...

I don't think you will need any open since I am hosting but just in case the TCP port is 15000 for Wesnoth and the Teamspeak is UDP 8767  But like I said I don't think youll need to open anything up

Damn, so no teamspeak for me... Doesn't matter cause I don't have it anyway, we use mumble for our games here, works great. Anyway, is this still gonna happen? I'm probably gonna get killed, as I haven't played in years, but would love to give it a go. I'll probably get some practice in tomorrow though, hopefully I haven't forgotten everything.

We are playing 10:30 A.M. Eastern time, there are only going to be three of us but we can still have some good fun. I will email you the IP

We gonna do this again sometime?

I would love to, especially if we can get some more people and have a real battle. Typically if you have more people it will go faster since more units get killed quicker 

Yeah... Get the game people, it's free! and fun! go now...

Just downloaded it, when are you guys gonna play next???

Dunno, hopefully next weekend again... Though get the Era of Myths addon, It's got some fun races.

How does this Saturday around 7 p.m. EST sound?

Works for me. That's like 2 AM here, but I'm up at that time anyway, so yeah.

I just installed this from the ubuntu center a few days ago. I have not had any time to play it yet, but i will deff start to and see about joining you guys.

Great, I hope we get more people, this thread is starting to feel like a two way conversation... The linux compatibility is great, as that opens up the audience quite a bit.

Saturday at 7 sounds good to me. How do i get the server/TS info?

Cadams74 emailed me the details last time, so if he's Hosting again, he'll probably mail you aswell.

I shall mail it out to those who want to play. I am also working on a custom map and if its done by Saturday I'll mail out a link and instructions on how to install it.  I can also get mumble up and running if you guys don't want to use my teamspeak server.