Barely scratching the surface of SELinux

Due to a couple of recent posts and new linux users here's a short (i tried, I promise) and easy (hopefully) ramble on SELinux, 'cause I'm lazy at typing.
Forgive mah english, but I'm not sorry for the terrible video quality. Messed up my settings and didn't feel like recording another session.


Thank you! Learned more in the 20 min video, than all the DDG I did yesterday.

aplodit !

Thanks for the introduction. I've been thinking about learning more about SeLinux for a while now. This was a good start. I would definitely be interested in more videos about this.

One question though, that option you added to sandbox -l "s0", is that what you normally would use? Also what does that actually mean?

Thanks for taking the time to make this. It was very easy to follow. I will make a guest account for when others need to use my PC. Maybe kiosk or Bob is an asshole account :)

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It's a yet another label, it defines a MCS (Multi Category Security) level of, something like a user - so that when there's multiple users which all are labeled as normal users, they can be seperated from one and other with MCS.
s0 is just the default, if no conf settings has been modified, it's gonna be that.

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