At what size monitor is 4k considered worth it for coding?

I heard at 27 inches text is way too small in 4k. At what inch size does text become workable again in 4k?

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32 might be ok if you have good eyesight. You'll get clear text and don't need "cleartype" bs anymore... but 40" is generally considered optimal.

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@wendell has been preaching the 40" for the screen real estate and I've read a few find 32" good without scaling. I've been reading a lot on 4k/UHD panels since that is my next planned upgrade (still haven't decided myself) soon™

Yep. I plan on it in about 2 years from now. By then there should be plenty of good affordable options. Till then I'm very happy with my 27" 1440p. It's great for coding and picture editing.

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I can see fine with glasses. I'll probably grab a 34", since that looks like the max size a WSGF stand will support.

Yeah, upgrading monitors is low on my priorities, it's just the most expensive single upgrade when you replace 3 x 1 setup with 3 + 1.

Well, it is easy to bump up text size in editors, so perhaps the more important question is how much stuff do you want on your screen?
Do you want to run multiple columns?
Once oyu start increasing text size, you inhibit the ability to do this.
Also if you have to squint to see text, that's not gonna work long term.
I have a 39inch 4k screen, with a vertical 1080 beside it. Seems to be the go, although the 1080 is a bit narrow on its side. I still need to scale, since its a moderate distance away.

Just another personal opinion but my ku6290 Samsung tv at 40" is just about the right size for me with multiple browser windows going and Im looking into getting back into coding soon. Waiting for my GTX 1060 so I can try out chroma 4:4:4 and see how much of a difference that makes for text clarity. I run at 125%$ windows scaling and sit around 3 feet away.

have 1 27" and one 28" 4k screens and I don't have issue with text size. It's all clear and crisp

4k at 41" has a very very close DPI to 1440p at 27"

Well, thanks for the info. I think this is going to be constrained mostly by money. But, at the same time I think throwing down the cash for a really good 40" monitor and three 25" monitors (one on the top might be able to be larger) might be cheaper than getting 4 27" monitors. My monitors sit about 40" from me. Not really sure if that's far enough away to pull off that large of a monitor.

My KU6290 at best buy was 300$.

How are you liking the KU6290? I'm debating between it and the KU6300

I am loving it so far. The only difference between ku6290 and 6300 is 6300 has bluetooth capabiltiy.

It's a shame it's sold out everywhere I've looked. Right now I'm trying to decide between the KU6300 and the Wasabi Mango UHD 400? How are you liking the 40'' 4k for productivity?

Its great. It beats a 3 1080p 23" monitor setup i have. Youtube playing in on corner. Browsing Level1 forums in another and still room for stuff at bottom. Also watching TeamPGP I can watch all 3 of them play at once without and actually see what they are doing.

Hell I have the amh a399u which is 39 inches and I cannot see shit in Windows the only time I ever even use 4K as a resolution is in a full-screen game or video my desktop resolution is set to 1080

Is the text pretty easy to read? Are you using any display scaling?

That's what I worry about. Would 43'' improve this?

Well I sit roughly five feet away measured from the tips of my eyeballs to the screen itself

If I was using it as an actual monitor I'm sure everything would be fine but I like the more relaxed feel of sitting a couple feet away

I just never thought having a screen that close to my eyes would be too good for them
as I already have to wear glasses for being nearsighted

Without my glasses anything beyond the length of my arm starts to blur away and I think that was caused by watching television my entire childhood way too close to the screen

I sit about 3-4 feet away from my 27'' 1080p and my 21.5'' 1080p and the pixels are enormous on the 27'' and sometimes I need to squint to see some text on the 21.5''. That's why I was thinking 40'' might be too small and 43'' might be better.