Asuss GTX 1070 Aura setup via ArchLinux

I was looking around for information on setting the RGB system on this board under Linux. My machine is an ArchLinux base with a Windows 7 VM using KVM. Motherboard is Asrock z170 Extreme4 with an i5.

The default RGB lighting seems to be red heartbeat type of scrolling. I'd like to set the colors to temps of the cpu or to how hard the GPU is working if possible. I haven't really explored the options of what can be done with the RGB, but I would expect it could do something more useful than red glow and dim.

Is there a known way to set the RGB Aura system from within Linux?
Failing setup under Linux, my next step would be setting up PCI passthrough. After setting up passthrough, then attempt to run the Nvidia programs under the Windows VM and see if the settings stick after removing it from passthrough afterward.

Any ideas, suggestions or a better direction?

Might help

There are motherboards that have RGB headers, mine is not one of those. The first place to setup lights on the motherboard headers would be the BIOS. If the motherboard comes with a CD, it's most likely a Windows program.
I believe some cases have LED lights in them already. I expect you would be able to plug those into the motherboard for control. The lates L1 computer build has a knob on the case that changes the lights. If I remember correctly the case had connections that plugged into the motherboard RGB headers.
Check the lastest L1 video on youtube.

No RGB support yet, sorry