Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI - no longer able to access IPMI portal

Hi all,

Full disclaimer - I’m EXTREMELY new to all things BMC/IPMI.

I have one goal here, control my case fan speeds. This has always been trivially easy in the past via q-fan etc. however now it seems to do this I need to go via this IPMI/BMC system.

Have I got these steps right?

  1. enable BMC support in BIOS - Server MGMT
  2. Config IPv4
  3. Lan Channel 1
  4. Static IP
    Router IP:
    Router Mac Address: 00-00-00-00-00-00
  5. Log into windows and then type IP address into web browser (edge)
  6. https://

I have tried this and all I get is ‘can’t reach this page’ or ‘connection has timed out’. This is trying on the computer itself and via another laptop connected via lan. Also the other thing I wanted to confirm is that I can log into the BMC via the machine itself or do I need to actually log into it from another machine via LAN cable??? (I’ve seen this suggested elsewhere)

Last piece of the puzzle is that when I enable BMC in BIOS the MSG_LED glows amber and holds. According to the manual this is caused by a BMC abnormal event.

Thanks to all in advance. Pardon the ignorance to a lot of the topics discussed.


On my system BMC was enabled by default, not changes in bios needed. It obtained a IP address from DHCP ( or it was hardcoded to ) The system IP address and the BMC ipaddress are on the same NIC by default.
I can access it from the same computer or another on the same lan.
It seems to work better with chromium browsers than firefox, although it may be some of my firefox settings.
The bios information about the management interface will provide the ip address.
Once you get in to the BMC, download and apply the 1.14.0 BMC firmware.
It has better error handling for sensor data.

Thanks for the info Mark!

Does your motherboard also have the amber MSG_LED light on constantly? I’ve got the green flashing BMC_LED but I’m wondering if the amber BMC LED is something I should be worried about?

When I try to ping the static IP address I have assigned to the BMC I get no response.

When I’m setting up the BMC network configuration in BIOS should I be leaving the router IP and MAC address as their defaults? They’re currently
Router IP:
MAC: 00-200-00-00-00-00-00

I don’t plan to ever be able to access the PC via another computer. I just need to access the IPMI so setup my fan curves because currently they’re constantly at max speed.


The BMC led is flashing green, the others are off.
The amber light may be the result I used to see because the original BMC firmware reported erroneous sensor readings from the chipset fan speed that were setting alarms.
The updates stopped that, unless there are other issues with the system.
Before you try setting the BMC stuff in the BIOS, why not just try Dynamic/DHCP which will probably pick Lan Channel 1. Just to see if it works, and then change it. Just to see what the errors might be, and to update the firmware.

Hey all.


I was able to get BMC working.

I changed the BMC settings to DynamicDHCP and then found the allocated IP address of the BMC in windows using angryip.

My problem was that I was under the impression that the machine could communicate from the motherboard to the BMC chip within the machine itself. Once I connected the PC to a router I was able to then identify the IP address and then log into it as normal. I’ve tested using firefox, chrome and edge and they all work.

Thanks Mark for helping point me into the right direction.


I’m also having a problem accessing it. Any idea where i could get the VGA 16p to 15p to see whats going on?


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I also had problems to control fans speed in my new built based on asus WRX80E-sage se wifi. Originally, I had only wifi connection via built-in adapter, no ethernet cables plugged in. OS (windows) was installed with all drivers but BMC was not accessible and there was totally no control over fans, which was frustrating.

The first problem was in BMC switch (located near SATA ports) which was OFF. In this case BIOS was reporting “bmc self test status failed”. After turning it ON, I was able to assign a static IP address for the first BMC interface (say, with in “Server Mgmt” menu. But still I was not able to access BMC in windows. By the way, connected WRX80E wifi was in different IP subnetwork (10.x.x.x).

Next, all I done is just physically connected WRX80E with ethernet cable to another running PC (this can be router, too, and network settings there are not important unless they interfere with BMC network settings) to make one of WRX80E ethernet interfaces UP. In windows, on that network interface I also prescribed static IP address different from the BMC one (, mask). And I then was able immediately access BMC via https_192.168.254.1.

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Hello, I am yet another person with the great IPMI troubles trying to control fan speeds. I have the BMC switch, the IPMI switch, and the bios BMC setting enabled. The BMC light is blinking green, and I have both Ethernet ports connected to my router. My BMC is set to autoDCHP the IP address, which is currently going to according to the bios and my router.

All that being said, I am unable to ping, nor am I able to login to it using these three methods:

I am running the latest bios for the motherboard, but the BMC is stuck on 1.10 due to my inability to access it.

Update I found the solution, the IPMI REQUIRES you to add the “s” to

If you don’t it won’t respond. For anyone who has these issues here is a summarized guide:

  1. Turn on the BMC and IPMI switches

  2. Enable BMC in bios under server management

  3. Look at the network setting and set whichever lan channel you have connected to to autoDCHP

  4. Restart computer, and go back into server management and network settings and see which IP address it was assigned

  5. Go to a browser and type in the IP address, making sure that https and not http is being used.


Trying to control my fans too on this board, did you find a solution?

Guess who’s got a brand new WRX80-SAGE and is 5 seconds away from calling an orbital strike on Asus headquarters ? This guy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Am I the only one who finds it inadmissible that it should take a freaking engineer a whole evening of Googling to access a lowly management interface ? It’s one of the most expensive motherboards in existence and they couldn’t spare someone to actually write a manual ?

Anyway, I can confirm a few things :

  • You need the board’s Ethernet to be connected to something. If it’s not up, no way to log into the IPMI even though it’s on the same computer.
  • The IPMI is slower than my grandma’s laptop. Be patient. I’ve seen websites load faster back when I was still using a 56K modem in the 90’s. I mean WTF…

The alarms you get by default on this board are all fan-related : you see, the “geniuses” at Asus put a server BMC on a desktop motherboard without thinking for a second that desktop users don’t run datacenter-grade jet-engine fans. So virtually any chassis fan you use that doesn’t run faster than 1700 to 3500 RPM is going to make the BMC shit itself.

I’m so done with that piece of garbage. Takes entire minutes to start while preventing my own OS to boot, and all I get for that is basic fan control ? No thanks. I’m turning that pending cybersecurity vulnerability off and replacing it with a custom solution as soon as possible.

Please let us know when you find an alternate solution :no_mouth:

Re: slow access to BMC… I connect directly via a laptop and everything is instant. Fans respond instantly to adjustments to fan curves.

Re: GPU issues… As others suggested, I had to set PCIe mode to gen 3 for my old GPU’s (this setting is buried deep in a BIOS submenu).

PS: two days ago I plugged in 3 x 3090 Ti… love this board!

I just to happen to have a 3090. I’ve been using a 970 because it’s a spare (the 3090 is in my current, soon-to-be retired workstation). Perhaps this motherboard is only compatible with recent GPU’s. It’s on my list of things to try this week-end.

Not so much “find” as “make”. If all the BMC does for me is fan control, I can shove a custom STM32 board inside my PC case and do that myself. Plus a few other things.

Thank you, will look into this

STM32 is a family of microcontrollers, you won’t find a COTS fan controller based on an STM32. I’m gonna have to design my own board and then program my own firmware for it.

Then again, I have just installed a 6-port gigabit NIC, and one of its ports will be used for internect connectivity. The 10 Gb ports on the motherboard will be used exclusively for point-to-point connections to two NAS, so I might reenable the BMC because then it shouldn’t be accessible from the internet.

At last as far as I know. I will need to do a serious risk assessment.

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I’m having the same issues as listed above with this Sage WRX80 and BMC.
I used to be able to access the BMC remotely and now can’t access it at all. I recently changed a few fans and need to adjust them.

I haven’t tried everything listed here yet, but I have tried most of it with no luck, just wasting a LOT of time.

Is there anyway to plug something in to some sort of serial port and have definite access to the BMC directly? Use the VGA header?

Just really sick of wasting time on this. I have ran into minor issues in the past with it, and so I’m sure there will be more issues in the future with the current set up, even if I resolve this for now remotely.

Have you tried unplugging (not just restarting) the system?

I once got a “session time-out” error that stopped me logging into the BMC. Since I had not logged into the BMC (nor switched off the system) for many months, I tried powering off the ASUS WRX80E for 5 minutes. After restarting, that “session timer” had reset itself, and I was able to log into the BMC. Updated firmware and BIOS, re-tuned fans, all Ok.

Thank you! I was finally able to access the BMC by plugging another PC directly into the ethernet port and resetting both IP addresses.

Still more issues though. I decided to update the firmware for the BMC while I was in it to help avoid future problems. It currently has the 1.13 version. I followed the steps on ASUS website, downloaded the latest version of the firmware, tried updating via the browser with the .ima file and it got half way through the update and then just froze. It eventually stopped and went to a error browser screen. I restarted both PCs and cleared the browser cache on the secondary PC. I was able to get back into the BMC, but it still has the old 1.13 firmware version. I did power off, unplug and hold power button 10s to clear memory on the Sage WRX80.

I went through the whole process again. Same thing happened again. The update froze half way through. When I powered back on, still v1.13.

Now none of my sensors are working for fan speed or temp in the BMC and I can change the fan settings, but they don’t seem to actually change the fan speeds… So I have access but, no control.

Is it really that hard for ASUS to just add some fan control to the BIOS??

Just repeated the process a 3rd time. Did everything the same. I was hoping I might see an option of some sort that I overlooked the first 2 times. I didn’t see any new options, but this time the firmware update completed and after rebooting I have control of fans again and can see all the sensor outputs. Not sure why it decided to work now, but all good.