ASUS is here today. Ask J.J. anything!

JJ from ASUS is here. Ask questions here and we will answer them in a video. We are mainly focusing on the Z87 launch, but you can ask anything. 

stoked for this video, dont really have any questions other than how awesome is it to work for Asus


Will Fan Xpert 2 be available to more motherboard chipset types, especially AMD boards?

Looking forward to the video, keep up the good work Logan.

My brother is in the market for a new laptop for college, He will be doing gaming, CAD, and regular school work. He has been considering an asus, so what are good options for him to consider? I would imagine there will be a new lineup of laptops that are coming soon, so is there any info you can share about their power, and battery life (which I think is essential for college)?


Is there a new motherboard coming out for AMD SOON????? I HAS TO KNOW! :-P I want the Crosshair V, but there is already a new one for intel! SPILL THE BEANS!!

For Logan-

Will there be a contest for the Mobo's? How do we enter!

For J.J.-

What's your favorite color? (please say black like Josh did)

Do you watch 'The TEK'?

When did you start working for ASUS? & How did you find out about them?

What kind of different technologies went into making the ARES II 7970?

Will there be more motherboards with AMD cpus & pcie 3?


~sidenote: I've personally used quite a few of your ultra books and i can say that they're AWESOME! keep it up!

Apart from the gen3 r2.0 are there any more revisions planned for the asus sabertooth? (which is my favourite motherboard EVER)

Will ASUS begin to incorporate higher-end audio chipsets (ie. better than Realtek HD audio) onto their future series of mini-ITX boards? I'm talking about most mid- to high-range boards, not just the ROG series.

Why havn't we seen any AM3+ (ie. AMD 980, 990X, 990FX chipset) Micro-ATX or mini-ITX motherboards, specificly from ASUS?

Why went ASUS from blue to gold? Why?! WHY?!?!

Will you give me a brand new ASUS motherboard? :)


Are there any plans for a M-ITX AM3+ motherboard in the works?

I'd love to drop a FX8350 in to a small case and make my own turbo charged 'steam box'

To J.J.:

1. Tea or coffee?

2. How fast can you say "seventy seven benevolent elaphants?"

3. Is Logan wearing pants? (Also, are YOU wearing pants?)

Thanks, and good day to you. :P

Any idea when 1090fx will be hitting shelves?

Logan and JJ, which game do you thing is better, bioshock infinite or far cry 3 ? and what is your all time favourite game?

Is Asus derived from pegasus? (If not where did the name Asus come from?)

Also is the Asus GPU overclocking tool based on rivatuner?

do you think the 7790 is a good first card to buy?

my specs are 

amd a8 3.00ghz

8gb ddr3 1066mhz

2x 250gb 7200 rpm HDD

asrock a75m-hvs

what performance in games would you think i would get?

Why are asus boards the best on the market(Gold Standard)? What are 5 reasons I should buy an asus motherboard vs other manufactures?  Question is for J.J. aka (Mr. Asus).

P.S. I would love a new motherboard because it would give me a reason to spend $340 on a new cpu even though I don't need it.

is it possible that i cant oc my processor over 4.3 because of my motherboard ihave an i5 3570k and a gigabyte 1155 z77x-ud3h-wifi my cooler is the antec h20 920.. i have a corsair cx750m power suply and a 690 in a bitfenix prodigy :) so should i buy a new motherboard what?

where are all the richland laptops? MSI has one out, but I have yet to see anyone else release any

It looks like ASUS is starting to making a lot of their components compatible with water cooling (Maximus VI Formula and Poseidon Graphics Card); however, it seems these are just heatsink and waterblock combos rather than a true waterblock design.

I know ASUS is advertising about 20 degrees celcius cooler than a normal heatsink because of the liquid cooling aspect, but dedicated waterblocks still perform much better than this.

Do you see ASUS making dedicated separate waterblocks for their motherboards and graphics cards in the future that may come in the box as a separate add-on? Maybe something like an EVGA Hydro Copper card?

can you say hey to 7heskipper cause i love you

do you mind sending me some sweet cards or mobos to review