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Asus am4 tuf gaming x570-plus plus Ryzen 7 3800x Combination

Hi Guys,

Thinking of switching my old Intel setup (i7 6700K) to an AMD setup. With the cybermonday blah blah, its a good time to buy.

Anybody have any info on this combo? I haven’t found anything “bad” about the Asus motherboard yet, but not sure of all the AMD nuances tbh. This will mainly be used for gaming and getting Corsair LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz to go with it.

Anything else I should be considering instead. $10-$50 difference should be ok, but going above that starts to become a little too pricey.

Thanks for your input.

Ive seen the 3800x on sale for 329 today… who knows what it’ll be tomorrow or monday.

yeah, thats why i am looking atm

Maybe better on Monday… Maybe worse… its a good time to buy though

Should be a fine combo.
The Asus x570 tuf gaming plus is a decent board.

Asus X570 TUF is also a good board for vfio (GPU passthrough in Linux)

It is possible to boot from a GPU in the 2nd pcie slot if CSM is disabled in the BIOS (see boot settings on the right hand side of the bios - I updated the bios manually to 1405 with a USB stick)

I also disabled legacy USB & xhci handoff under Advanced in the bios so the board operates purely in uefi mode.

The board happily runs RAM @ 3200mhz:

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K16G4D32AESE 3200 MHz, DDR4, DRAM, Desktop Gaming Memory Kit, 32 GB (16 GB x 2), CL16

(it is Micron E-Die so it can be overclocked quite easily) - you will also probably want to checkout the Ryzen DRAM calculator.

The TUF is also the cheapest board with 8 x SATA ports (so great for zfs & btrfs software raid).

Populating both nvme slots does not seem to slow down or disable any pcie x 1 slots so it is possible to also attach additional pcie gen3 version 1 nvme drives (pcie 4 x1 bandwidth = 1976mb / sec)

This info for undervolting Ryzen is also quite good.

Cheers that’s really useful, was planning to dual boot linux. Even have a separate SSD for that.

So far zero issues with running everything on it. Also not overclocking or anything like that. I am using the 3200MHz RAM. 32GB Corsair LPX

Since I do a lot of streaming, so the PC is running games constantly, I was looking at the temps of the mobo a lot, and this one seemed really good with that… and so far its proved it. Fans rarely get ramped up, so it remains quiet.

I am now curious, talung!

Did you go for it? Because I have the same MB and would like to try a similar configuration. Can you share your experience with Passthrough on this machine?

Take a look at the topic I open yesterday on this:

It would be nice to have some more insights!


So far my experience with the mobo has been great. zero issues.

However, I haven’t even got around to dual booting with Linux yet, so haven’t played on that side at all.

Sorry, can’t give you more feedback than that. Been too busy doing too many other things.

I returned the TUF as using 2 x m.2 & 2 x GPU’s + 1 x pciex1 USB controller disables the 2nd GPU as slot 1 is fixed at x16.

I am now running an Aorus x570 Pro with no issues. I can choose the boot GPU & fine tune the speeds of the pcie slots.

The TUF gives more FPS & is a good choice if you do NOT plan to use 2 x m.2 in vfio & the 8 x sata ports are nice for a ZFS array.