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Assange Arrested


El Reg has a story up on it now.

He was initially arrested and charged with jumping bail, so could get up to 12 months in a UK prison for that and was then arrested again for the US extradition request.

I found this statement interesting:

According to the indictment, Assange faces a maximum of five years in prison if convicted of the charge.

The Reg makes it sounds like 1 year in UK jail, then up to 5 years in a US prison. Maybe they’ll do that to make the statement - if you hadn’t of hidden away you would be a free man now…

I honestly thought the US wanted to lock him up for life?

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yes? but in what prison? Some scandinavian village type prison or some “prison” wikileaks leaked about?

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Not by the looks of things. 2 years and fuck all done so fat, now they have another half a year and still nothing will be done. It is off topic but they have fucked it up so badly now, they just don’t care. So no not pressing in the slightest…

Edit: On topic. He is dead already… Correction step back, may as well be.



Him and Manning about to be dragged hard



My feeling is this is tied to the Mueller investigation finding evidence of conspiracy between Assange and the “Internet Research Agency” to hack the DCCC and Podesta before the fact, with Assange actually giving Moscow directions on what to look for and who to target. I can’t imagine any prosecution being successful otherwise due to the US 1st amendment.

If Assange did indeed do those things, he should be tossed in a dark pit and left there until dead.

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the DNC hack was physical, as in someone went into the servers and got the info

He’s dead now

He would have been in jail long before now. But it will be a great dumpster fire to watch anyway if true or not

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Please remember to keep this off politics.

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Not at all, he was on Ecuadorian soil.

My guess is that revelation is what triggered the DOJ to push again to extradite him in Nov 2018.


  1. Ecuador’s president
  2. Manning
  3. Assange


Still, this is still 100% politics till his carcass has been shipped to US



While this is nothing to do with Sweden, that lawyer for the rape case is making noise again saying they want him back there now he is out.



Well, they’ll have to stand in line!

Manning didn’t contribute to Assange’s extradition. In fact she is in prison for contempt of court right now for refusing to testify.

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The two are almost inextricably linked… While I am with you it is pretty much impossible to separate the two.



This entire thread is politics be definition really. :smile:



It’s pretty clear now that it had no real importance if he would have had said anything



The government is trying to build a case against him. They still arrested him so they’ve got something, but we have no way to tell if Manning’s testimony would have helped their case because she didn’t give it.



To be fair there was no rape.

He slept with two women (consentingly no idea if this is the correct word) and they contracted STIs. They went to the police and wanted him to take test to find if it was from him.

The police told them that they could not simply tell Assange to take a test, but that their statements would be passed to the prosecutor, then the duty prosecutor ordered the arrest of Assange on the suspicion of rape and molestation.

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Close but not quite. Those women consented to sleep with him then he removed the condom without their knowledge or consent and raw-dogged it. Calling that rape is asinine, but it’s somewhere on the same axis due to the lack of consent.

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To use your words.

He slept with them, but not at the same time.

As far as I understand she was aware.

That night, according to the accounts of both the newspaper and people who were in contact with Assange and his inner circle, he and Miss W had sex using a condom.

The next morning, however, under circumstances which remain deeply murky, the sources said, Assange allegedly had sex with the woman again, this time without a condom.

Then, after a meal during which the Mail says that the woman joked that she could be pregnant, they parted on friendly terms