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Assange Arrested


He was resisting arrest and refused to walk. Not like they kicked him in the head on the way or anything. I expect he’ll be released to the US authorities in pristine condition.

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Parliament is currently debating the arrest. The Shadow Home Secretary brought up that extradition to the US could potentially go against whislteblower protections, and brought up Chelsea Manning’s imprisonment infringing her human rights (to which some government MPs laughed or objected to).

The Home Secretary said that any extradition request would be reviewed personally by himself.

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Dont they have more pressing issues?

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Well yes, Manning was a clown-shoes. She sent her stolen data to Wikileaks, and Assange simply posted it wholesale, without looking through the data to see if it was newsworthy or put American lives at risk. This led to tremendous embarassment to the US from diplomatic cables, did put American lives at risk (although nobody was actually hurt), and accomplished pretty much nothing, because nothing Manning leaked other than the Collateral Murder video was in fact newsworthy. She messed up bigtime.

Compare that to Snowden, who collaborated with several real journalists to release his material, carefully culling it of anything that could harm American operatives and everything not newsworthy. His materials were carefully released over a year or so for maximum exposure and impact, with his agenda being to inculcate real change, to alert American citizens that their government was spying on them. And he succeeded at that. That’s why Snowden is a hero and Manning is a douchebag.



MPs are on recess for the next 12 days from the closing today, so probably not hahaha

The Home Secretary is declining to comment on any of the accusations from Sweden, and is just redirecting the question.



What? Shouldnt this be like a 24/7 project to figure out something

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What, Brexit? They’re never going to “figure it out”. They’re going to extend the deadline forever.

Is it only US Politics that breaks the rules?

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EU wont extend forever



no one mentioned brexit



I thought the swedes dropped the accusations.

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and this is were the thread turned, RIP

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if it stays on topic it will remain open

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Notice no comment on staying or leaving was made making it not radioactive talk. Usually if its that broad its usually let go, but lets not side track it.



After the media looses interest, he is going to [redacted] in [redacted] to get asked some questions.

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Extradition to Guantanamo bay.



They did. This has nothing to do with Sweden. He could be charged in the UK for avoiding arrest, theoretically, but this is about his extradition to the US.

He won’t be renditioned to some black site in Thailand to be beaten with rubber hoses. We already know what he did, and the US government wants to put him in prison. Whether they’ll win their case or not, that’s another issue, going back to 1st amendment questions above.



Kim Dot Com twiiter has some entertaining meme’s

Clappers twitter no mention that I could see
I believe The President made a speech and call Assange a “journalist” .
About a week ago I hear rumors of a justice dept jet in Loundon so this was not a huge shock

Q posts on Assange

Just go to players and then type assange in the search term and click on his name
So far this thread has set a record for pinned/unpinned/pinned.
Is there a revolt in progress in the Level1 Deep State? :slight_smile:

Top story in TheHill, already over 6000 comments which is huge, personally I would rather see Stephan Halper on the plane instead

Mrs Assange was screaming bloody murder on Mar 21
her twitter feed here